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    Submarines, slots, and console release!


    12:00am EST - Another week in Rust development and the team is cranking on some exciting stuff.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. 


    Console release in Spring

    Double Eleven, the studio responsible for Rust Console Edition, has narrowed down their launch date for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of the game. Linking to a Gamespot article, the Rust Console Edition twitter has let the world know a launch in Spring 2021 is imminent!


    Submarine work

    A new vehicle for underwater exploration is in the pipeline. Seen first on artist Tom Butters’ Twitch stream, the submarine now has its own branch with work being committed. This week we’ve primarily seen focus in the graphical realm -- meshes, gibs, textures, materials, and the like.

    Still on a separate branch, this new vehicle is not quite ready for prime time testing yet. That said, it appears that time might not be too far off. I’ll be sure to post more information as it becomes available.


    Improved slots

    Rust’s newest gambling mechanic is getting some additions and improvements. Slot machines will soon be able to accept a specific bet amount, allowing you to lose (or gain) more scrap than ever before, quicker than ever before!

    The team is also tweaking some issues with mounting dynamics along with improvements to the UI. Like most of the work this week, it’s still on a separate branch, so we’ll post more info when it’s available.


    Card games

    Speaking of gambling, the card games branch had a bit more progress this week. Mostly consisting of hidden commits, this branch has been worked on for a number of weeks now. Although most specifics are shrouded in secrecy, word on the street is you’ll soon be able to play blackjack, poker, and maybe more! 

    It appears as though these games will be situated at the current gambling capital of Rust, Bandit Camp. No word on exactly how they will function and what they will entail. That said, I do get the sense the team is looking to merge this stuff in and get it ready for the main branch shortly. More information to come as soon as that happens.

    Gestures menu

    Gestures, which have been in the game for a while now, will soon get a bunch more usable. This is all in thanks to a new graphical menu system being worked on by Jarryd. Still on a separate branch, this body of work will not only provide a new menu for gestures but also include a bunch of improved logic and future-proofing for gestures in Rust. 


    News UI update

    Reading the latest Rust news from Facepunch in-game will get a lot easier with the next update. The UI under the News section of the main menu has been overhauled to allow the viewing of each entire post - including images and youtube links. Along with this, the section itself scrolls much better than before.

    OVH on fire!

    But not in a good way… I mean, actually on fire. This has caused the loss of data for a number of servers including our EU Trio and EUS. We’ve since gotten these servers back up on new locations, although all data (blueprints and map) was lost. As it stands, we lucked out more than some. Facepunch lost 25 servers, which have since been put back up.

    We’ve taken this opportunity to start work on an automated system which will back up the blueprint and map data for all of our servers to additional geographic locations. This should be implemented in the near future and make data loss such as this a thing of the past.

    Other stuff

    • More work being done on the ‘missions’ branch

    • Reduced cloth harvest yield from NPC corpses

    • Gunshot volume fix

    • Teleport2death convar added for admins (takes you to the location of your last death)

    • Disable aurora, rainbow, and lightning effects when inside train tunnels

    • Fixed electrical typo in AND, OR and XOR switches

    • Fixed dismounting the work cart sometimes causing a change in the player's view angle

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