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    Summer sale is on!

    12:00am EST - With one week until the update and forced wipe, we’re seeing some exciting things on the horizon.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Summer sale

    The Steam Summer Sale is on and Rust is already one of the top sellers! With a whopping 75% off, copies of Rust can be gotten on the cheap like rarely before. A warm welcome to all the fresh Newmans who are getting their first taste of Rust.

    Get it while the getting is good though, this deal only lasts till July 9th.

    Get Rust
    Screenshot_2 copy.png

    New achievements 

    Released in a small update yesterday, 7 new Steam achievements have been added to Rust in honor of the Summer sale. Hidden at first, they will unlock as you complete them. 

    Although the specifics of each achievement are still a mystery (spoiler), the names of each can be found on the global achievements page on steam: Glutton, Sealbreaker, Save The Planet, I'm the Captain now, On The Deck, Giddy Up!, and Too cool for school.

    Keep in mind, as with all other achievements, these can only been gathered on official servers.

    Gesture menu coming

    Adding to the gestures which went live last week, Helk is working on a menu to make it easier for players to access. No visuals yet, but it’ll likely make it in for the update next week.


    Horsin’ around

    The newest craze to sweep the plains of Rust, horseback riding is getting some expansion and improvements. Along with new models and art for horses coming down the pike, a hitch and trough are in the works. As Helk told me when they were released, the plan is for people to eventually be able to keep and maintain the same horse long term. 

    A place for the horse to eat and hitch are great starts! All of this is still on a separate branch, however, I suspect it’ll go live with the update next week. More info as it gets merged in.

    Visual overhauls

    As you may have picked up over the past couple of weeks, the team is working on overhauling graphics and visuals in the game from several fronts. From HDRP streamlining much of the VFX, to environmental shaders shifting many fundamental aspects of ambience. Sprinkle in some procedural map generation changes and we’ve got some huge shifts coming to the overall look and feel of the game.

    No word on when this work will be on staging, each piece is in itself a large undertaking, so we’ll just have to be patient.

    Other stuff

    • Minicopter fixes and optimizations

    • Added streamer mode to options menu

    • Player animator work (video making tools)

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