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    Team UI Refined


    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let's get into it...

    Fixed monument puzzles

    Last weeks update introduced a number of game changing features as well as a few potentially serious bugs. The most notable being broken puzzles at several monuments. Facepunch initially said that the problem could not be resolved without another forced wipe (which they chose not to do) on all servers. However, they did state that servers with a shorter wipe cycle (i.e., weekly, biweekly) could be fixed using the wipe based patch. Over the weekend though we received news that the problem could be resolved on all servers with a new patch and debug command. 

    Team UI progress

    The compass strip has been updated to better align with the existing UI graphics

     Old compass strip

    Old compass strip

     New compass strip

    New compass strip

    A rather frustrating problem with the new UI has been fixed this week, streamer mode now works on the team list so you can use these new features without giving up your info. 

    Bandit town

    The Rust commits page has been blowing up since the July 5th update with tons of commits centered around the bandit town monument branch. Earlier this evening it appeared that it MIGHT be coming to the staging branch for public testing but at this point it has yet to be merged. A number of teasers and cryptic commits have been added though including things, such as a number of graphical additions, agriculture (kettle, milk churn, and moonshine), and tools (hand saw, rake and horse yoke).

    Other stuff

    Unity 2018.2.0 implementation
    Continued SDK progress

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