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  • Facepunch

    The Air Power Update


    Minicopters, RF Communications, Performance tweaks and more.

    Go to post.[rust.facepunch.com]


    • New Hemp Plant Refresh
    • New Palm Trees in Arid Biome
    • Iterative entity networking (fixes frame rate drops when moving around the world)
    • Custom garbage collections (fixes frame rate drops when moving or in combat)
    • Added Mini Helicopter
    • Added Flasher Light
    • Added Siren Light
    • Added Audio Alarm
    • Added RF Broadcaster
    • Added RF Receiver
    • Added RF Transmitter
    • Added RF Pager
    • Added Player Sensor
    • Added RAND Electricity Component
    • Added Chinese New Year items
    • Fixed chat / player name "rich text" exploits
    • Fixed entity not taking damage when explosive was attached to lock
    • Fixed deployable rotation via R key when deploying on terrain at an angle
    • Fixed being able to see through floors on reconnect
    • Fixed sometimes receiving fall damage when respawning
    • Fixed toggling censorship option enabling worn light source
    • Fixed netgraph not working
    • Fixed entities sometimes missing when spectating
    • Fixed lens flares flickering in some cases
    • Fixed dive site tugboat windows visible over water
    • Fixed multiple Hapis out of bounds exploits
    • Unity 2018.3.3
    • EAC SDK update
    • Clear Log.EAC.txt on server start
    • Send delta snapshots instead of full snapshots when spawning (faster respawn)
    • Optimized memory allocations when applying skins to items on the client
    • Optimized rigidbodies on various entities on the client
    • Optimized memory allocations when building blocks are spawned on the client
    • Optimized client and server relating to buoyancy performance
    • Enabled entity pooling on ceiling lights on the client
    • Enabled multibox pruning broadphase (client and server physics performance)
    • Disabled rigidbody interpolation on HAB and CH47 (server physics performance)
    • Strip various client only components from the server (server memory usage)
    • Military Tunnels exit route balance
    • Enabled Fullscreen Exclusive by default
    • Optimized GunTrap/Autoturret/FlameTurret CPU usage
      Increased SAM Site Lethality
      Added 'Toggle' input to Memory cell

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