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    The Hot Air Balloon Update


    Up, up and away... Hot Air Balloons are in, along with anti-air missiles to take them down. There's a new type of Cargo Ship, nerfs, and more. This patch wipes the servers. Enjoy!

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    • Added Hot Air Balloon
    • Added SAM Site
    • Temporary game ban support
    • Added Cargo Ship loot respawns
    • Added wind option to generic shaders
    • Sleeping in Safezone no longer permitted by NPC guards.
    • Fixed anti hack issues when jumping off moving entities
    • Fixed multiple ladder exploits
    • Fixed network interpolation jitter shortly after spawn
    • Fixed network interpolation jitter on physics props
    • Fixed tool cupboard exploits using shelves
    • Fixed out of control pumpkin multiplication
    • Fixed DST related packet flooding kick
    • Fixed packet flooding kick when applying skin using repair bench
    • Boat wake foam shaders to prevent fading out close to water
    • Physics props now always preserve their correct velocity when parenting
    • NPC updates for the new Cargo Ship features.
    • New asset bundle layout
    • Reduced L96 Condition
    • Increased L96 Cost
    • Tactical Gloves provide 80% AimSway reduction (was 100%)
    • Optimized tree impostors

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