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    The Industrial System is here!


    12:00am EST - The update and forced map wipe are today! With that, a bunch of new ways to automate your base via the industrial system!

    The update is expected to hit at normal time (2pm EST / 7pm GMT). Our update stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Real quick, before we get into it…


    Charitable Rust: Over $250,000 raised!

    I’m proud to announce the final numbers for Charitable Rust 2022 are in. We raised $253,797 for World Central Kitchen!! With this, it brings the total amount Charitable Rust has raised over the years to over 1 million dollars! A huge thank you to everyone involved, especially Facepunch for their continued support!

    It looks like Charitable Rust 2023 will happen earlier in October this year. We’ve got a ton of great things planned so stay tuned!


    Industrial System goes live today

    Highlight of the update, the industrial system enters the game. Below is a summary of what to expect; check out our Industrial System Overview for more details like crafting for each item.

    The industrial system is a group of new items which, when integrated with existing deployables, allow players to automate base activities like never before. This includes automation of item movement, storage, smelting, crafting, and more!


    Engine of the industrial system, Conveyors propel items from one place to another. Want to send loot from a drop box near your entrance deep inside your base? A Conveyor will do the trick (along with a little electricity and some pipes - see below). 

    Best of all, Conveyors have filters which allow you to move specific items or categories of items. They even have min / max thresholds for more advanced logic.


    Pipe Tool
    Basically the equivalent of the wire tool or hose tool, but for industrial stuff, the Pipe Tool allows you to connect the various industrial components together. Pipes can be run through windows, hatches, and doors, but not through walls or building cracks. You can select between 4 different colors by holding ‘R’ when piping. 


    Storage Adaptor
    Aptly named, the Storage Adaptor allows players to link between existing deployables and other industrial components. Simply place on a storage box, furnace, cupboard, drop box, locker, vending machine, refinery, or fridge and then use pipes and conveyors to link them up how you’d like.

    Each adaptor has an input and output (for pipes) along with lights to flash when items arrive or leave (green for item added, red for item removed). You can also daisy-chain up to 16 boxes together with adaptors then hook up to just one conveyor if you want to pull or place large quantities of items.


    Industrial smelting
    Ever wish you could automatically feed fresh ore into your furnace or have the smelted product go directly into a box in your loot room? Well now you can! Using existing furnaces, or the new Electric Furnace, along with some adapters, conveyors, and pipes, you can now do just that!

    The new Electric Furnace smelts items just like the furnaces we’re used to. Only change is instead of running off of wood and producing charcoal, the Electric Furnace runs off 3 Rust watts, requires no wood, and outputs no charcoal. 


    Industrial crafting
    Another huge part of the new system is the Industrial Crafter! Placed on any tier workbench, the crafter will automatically craft an item given the blueprint, required resources, and electricity.

    Using the other industrial and electric components, players are now able to setup systems which take raw resources, move them, smelt them, then feed them to an Industrial Crafter to produce an item, then store said item safely in their base. 


    Combiner and Splitter
    The Industrial Splitter and Industrial Combiner do basically what their names entail. The combiner takes 3 pipe sources and turns it into 1. The splitter does exactly the opposite, taking 1 pipe and turning it into 3. No electricity required, use ‘R’ while placing to rotate.


    Codelock QoL

    There are a couple quality of life shifts coming to code locks with the update today. Here are the specifics:

    • Prioritize "changelock" when codelock is first placed

    • Prioritize "lock" when codelock is unlocked

    • Don't open "change codelock" ui right after entering in a code

    • Show "open door" as default option rather than "change lock" when in building blocked


    Train loot changes

    Some shifts to train loot around the map are also on the menu for the update today. When rolling across the map, you’ll notice some new loot wagon variants with military crates. Also, it looks like food and medical crates are spawning in loot wagons now too.


    Miscellaneous fixes

    There are a bunch of various fixes for the game this month. Here is a summary of what to expect:

    • Allow doors to be placed on top of deployables (boxes, sleeping bags, etc)

    • Updated deploy effect for trophy item to better match visual material

    • Added colliders on powerline tarps - prevents dropped items being hidden

    • Add item filter on quarry fuel storage to only accept diesel

    • Fix small sign deployment not working on all walls

    • Huge wooden sign will deploy on all sides of walls too

    • Fixed hold-to-dismount being active on blackjack.

    • Fixed Windmill IO connections not working when close up

    • Fix for dryfire sound looping on p17 & SAP

    • Change the mushroom icon to red instead of brown

    • Fixed missing ceiling in water treatment plant pigeon nest collider

    • Enabling native Apple Silicon build (experimental)

    • Restored chair.invisible.static (now intended only for use by modders)

    • Fixed the spectate button in the admin panel sometimes spectating the wrong person if there were multiple people on the server with an identical name

    • Fixed server name appearing in Rust+ menu if streamer mode is active

    • Fixed kicking a player via the admin UI not sending the supplied kick reason

    • Fixed admin UI not working after being disconnected from a server while the UI was open


    Server favorites / history reset

    The first step in transitioning the games networking to a new system is afoot. This month, multithreaded networking goes live. This ideally should produce better performance on servers and improve the experience for players.

    One side effect, however, is that it requires server owners to set a query port different from the game port. The effect of this change is that any favorites and history appear to get reset. That means after the forced wipe and update, many (if not all) of your server favorites and history will be wiped.

    Never fear! You can find Rustafied servers on the official list like always. If you’re ever having any trouble, you can also check out our Discord which has all the server connection information along with map voting, support, and more! 


    So long Hapis 😢

    As you may have seen in the January devblog, Hapis is being retired as of this update. We’ve had Hapis in the rotation on our Zenlabs servers since it made its comeback. With this change, we’re trying something new on Zenlabs (see below).

    Hapis isn’t totally dead though! There is a small community dedicated to building and maintaining the Hapis legacy. Go check out their Discord for more information.


    Zenlabs: Close Quarters PVP

    With the retirement of Hapis, we’re deciding to shift the vibe of our US and EU Zenlabs servers. After this update, we’ll be running Zenlabs on a hand-picked small map (2.5k), 100 pop, PvP oriented, where Bandit and Outpost are combined to maximize building space. We’re keeping weekly map wipes and monthly BP’s wipes the same. Find our Zenlabs servers on the official list and the maps in our Discord.

    Server owners: update query ports!

    As mentioned above, server owners need to define a dedicated query port and game port with this update. Failure to do so will result in players potentially not being able to see or connect to your server. These can no longer share the same port:

    Example of a good config:
    server.port 28015
    server.queryport 28016


    server.port 28016
    server.queryport 28015

    Example of a bad config:
    server.port 28015
    server.queryport 28015

    By default, if server.queryport is not set, the server will use the port above the game port as the query port. The queryport and the rcon port should be able to share the same port. 

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