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    The Music Update


    As we enter December, the last monthly update of 2019 looms. With it, we’ve got some leg cocks, quality of life improvements (for players and admins alike), several fixes, and a shit load of new instruments (for a price). 

    Now, if you follow Rust development, you may be sitting here like, “Yo, where’s my fucking HDRP? Why am I not modularizing some vehicles up in this piece? And why can’t I play on my Xbox yet?!”

    Long and short, that shit just ain’t ready yet. Sure, we’d all like it to be ready, but it’s not. When will it be ready? No one knows. Regardless, the team is working their asses off on getting it done as soon possible, and in all likelihood these long term projects will be super sweet once they make it into the game. So, as we enter this holiday season, patience is a virtue we all have the opportunity to practice. Oh, and not for nothing, there’s some solid shit in this update.

    We’ll show it all off on our update stream starting at 1pm EST. The update is scheduled to go live around 2pm EST and will force a map wipe on all servers once it hits. As always, follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Instrument pack DLC goes live today!

    That’s right! The first DLC for Facepunch to ever release goes live today. And before you get all riled up at the dreaded four letter word (three, I know, but who’s counting) know that this DLC is not like the others.

    Instead of giving certain players special privileges, objects, or abilities only they can use in game like most DLC’s out there, Facepunch went another route. It’s literally just 10 instruments for ten bucks (price will likely go up in the future). If you own the DLC, you can craft the instruments. Anyone, however, can play them. So say you want to start that band you’ve always dreamed of getting off the ground so you can make a splash in the Rust music scene. Well, only one bandmate needs the pack to craft everyone instruments. Shit, you could just raid a base you hear music coming from and steal their instruments - no purchase required to start laying down those dope tracks.

    Not only did Facepunch do a solid job with how they went about releasing this DLC, they really went ham on the instruments themselves. The entire way in which you play instruments has shifted to a new system which allows for playing specific notes, changing pitch, and even streaming in freaking MIDI files (remember those?!).

    For a full summary of what instruments are in, check out my previous post or Facepunch’s blog on the matter. Expect the DLC to be available for purchase later today on the Steam Store.


    Garry’s Mod Toolgun added

    Celebrating the 15 year anniversary of Garry’s mod, a new tool has been released for owners of Garry’s mod (don’t worry, you don’t have to have owned the game for 15 years). Similar to what they did with Chippy and Clatter, if you own the game, you can craft the item.

    The Garry’s Mod Toolgun is similar to a Hammer in that you can repair and upgrade items with it. It does, however, have better stats than a Hammer sporting an attack rate of 30 more and range of 1.5 greater than its wooden counterpart.

    Could this be interpreted as pay to win? Sure it could be - and most definitely will by that vocal minority always on the prowl for the next thing to bitch and moan about. 

    Will it make that much difference in the actual game? Probably not. Oh, and it looks pretty sweet too, so that’s nice. Here are some more details:


    Crafting cost
    100 wood
    20 frags

    Crafting time
    15 seconds

    Attack Rate



    252490_20191205110622_1.png 252490_20191205110800_1.png





    First person legs

    As you wake up on the beach after the update and fresh wipe, you’ll notice a new sight when taking a look down… Legs! And feet! And leg cocks (if that’s how your Rust character gender identifies). That’s because Garry went ahead and added visible legs in first person view (you know, the view everyone uses all the time). 

    It can take a bit to get used to - I kinda felt like I was going to fall over the first couple times looking down. But it’s a pretty cool effect when it comes down to it. You won’t, however, be seeing any of your body when using the alt look button as, well, that was just a nightmare.

    And don’t worry, if you’d rather not have to worry about seeing your in game genitals every time you look down, Garry did make sure to add a censor box on the leg cock - and, you know, the underwear option is always… well, an option.


    Quality of life

    Although not much of that sexy, long term content like HDRP and modular vehicles isn’t making it in, the team has done a number of solid improvements for player quality of life. Here is a rundown:

    • More horse movement improvements

    • You can now copy text in chat

    • Fixed batteries losing charge on pickup

    • Tree marker fixes, should no longer move to the other side of tree

    • Fix for see through water when jumping / alt look while on a boat


    Admin QoL

    Players weren’t the only ones graced with the gift of improved life quality this month. If anything, admins made out better than players as a slew of new miscellaneous commands and functionality has made it in. Here’s the skinny:

    • admintime command added - let’s admins make it day while the rest of the players still see normal time

    • teaminfo command added - see who’s on a team given a steamid

    • killplayer command - allows an admin to kill any player

    • Replaced mutevoice/mutechat with mute (mutes both)

    • Mute/unmute applies to sleeping players too

    • Added mutelist - list all those who are muted

    • noclipspeed, noclipspeedslow, noclipspeedfast commands - allowing admins to get around quicker

    • Show ban reason when rejecting banned players from joining the server


    Rust coming to consoles

    In case you missed it, Rust will be coming to a local console near you sometime in 2020. It was announced earlier this month that Rust will be available for Xbox One and Playstation 4 as some point in the next year-ish. 

    Very - and I mean very - few details are available for this at the moment. Cross-platform play? Who knows. Community server hosting? Maybe. When in 2020? Shit, it might be 2022. Oh, and will it blend - I mean, actually run? Only time will tell.

    Other stuff

    • Adjusted autoturret cost (maybe not in yet)

    • Emoji’s coming to chat soon :celebrate:

    • Side lean - allows you to see off the side of boats and minicopters better


    Rustafied player poll

    Every year at Rustafied we like to poll our audience and the player base of Rust as a whole to take a temperature on where people are at, where the game is at, what servers are in most demand, and what’s your favorite flavor of gummy bear (pineapple all the way baby). 

    So, we’ve launched our player survey. Feedback received here helps us improve and continue providing you with the best server experience we possibly can. Oh, and anyone who completes it gets 10% off their next VIP purchase, which is nice.

    So yeah, go take it, we value and appreciate your feedback. And, if it’s not there for you to take it, don’t, it’s all good.

    Take the poll

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