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    The QoL Update

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    Fractional Reloading, The large Oilrig, New Weapons, A tonne of Quality of Life updates and more ...

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    • EAC SDK update
    • Added debris system to block placement of new walls and doors immediately after destruction
    • Fixed censorship pixelation sometimes getting enabled even though underwear is enabled
    • Fixed exploit to spawn explosive ammo impact entity through walls
    • Fixed exploit to circumvent certain server side LOS tests
    • Fixed water junkpile save / load
    • Fixed a problem with corpses spawning partially inside stuff
    • Fixed stash hide / unhide sound playing whenever they spawned on the client
    • Fixed ores spawning inside hilltop rocks
    • Fixed entities unregistering from the entity registry too early (cargo ship parenting issues when picking up arrows)
    • Fixed vehicle seat clipping exploit
    • Fixed colored nametag exploit
    • Fixed anti hack false positives after projectile reflection and refraction
    • Fixed fall damage exploit with global.free and debug.stall console commands
    • Fixed anti hack exploit in elevators
    • Fixed minicopters having hitmarkers
    • Fixed Hapis vending machines reset
    • Fixed shelve stacking
    • Fixed vending machines placed inside rocks
    • Fixed dropboxes being repaired
    • Fixed Oil Rig distance flares not turning off during day time
    • Fixed Oil Rig lights pulsing intensity after toggled
    • Fixed water near-clipping issue
    • Fixed water artifacts on macOS/Metal
    • Fixed wave crest foam not disabled on water quality 0
    • Fixed boats sinking into rivers
    • Fixed some flares not disappearing during day time
    • Fixed minicopter collision shape being too large
    • Fixed missing first person projectile 'spheres'
    • Fixed muzzle brake not properly applying recoil reduction to all weapons
    • Fixed sleeping/wounded players hovering in mid air
    • Fixed invisible shell casings
    • Fixed incorrect scope zoom levels and naming
    • Optimized item skin list loading when selecting items in the crafting menu
    • Stripped several client only components from the server
    • Optimized player mesh rebuild (players coming into view or ragdolls spawning)
    • Added pooling to several clothing items that did not support it before
    • Added pooling to player corpses and ragdolls
    • Optimized player model bone remapping (ragdolls spawning)
    • Optimized player model bone lookup (particularly during continuous gunfire)
    • Added oilrig to Hapis
    • Added super potato mode
    • Codelocks now stack to 10
    • Barricades now stack to 10
    • Updated scientist visuals
    • Tweaked waves: longer, less frequent & softer foam
    • Improved water buoyancy performance by 35%
    • Optimized water rendering across the board
    • Improved performance for gunfire muzzle lights
    • Backpacks now float
    • Underwater crates untie twice as fast
    • Fuel access on Minicopter restricted to pilot when in use
    • Can recycle empty cans in recycler
    • Water Jugs can be placed in fridges
    • Salvaged Axe harvests more animal flesh
    • Improved laser visuals
    • Reduced flashlight shadow bleeding
    • Thompson can now take Flashlight or Lasersight
    • Minicopters now slowly decay when indoors
    • Explosive ammo can be heard much farther away
    • Explosive ammo causes weapons and silencers to lose condition faster
    • Improved tracer visuals
    • Compound bow in line with Hunting Bow when not charged (and cheaper)
    • Muzzle brake reduces damage by 20%
    • Added fractional reloading
    • Can no longer use weapons in deflated hot air balloon canvas
    • Can no longer see through deflated hot air balloon canvas
    • Fixed FOV zoom bugs when using a non default FOV
    • Pistols + Shotguns have less zoom
    • Added Grenade Launcher
    • Added Combat Knife
    • Sam Site now requires electricity
    • Fixed Sam Site targeting bugs and shooting through walls
    • Improved muzzle flash performance and visuals
    • Improved Simple Sight crosshair
    • Holosight provides an accuracy bonus and 2x zoom factor
    • AI takes less damage when mounted
    • Heavy Plate Armor provides more explosive protection
    • Heavy Plate Helmet obscures vision less
    • Added "Admire" animation button to workshop
    • FOV clamped is now 70-90
    • Disabled graphics jobs on Linux due to crashes
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