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    Triangle Ladder Hatches and more!


    We’re at the halfway point for Rust development this month and, with many at home with nothing but time on their hands, the team at Facepunch has some exciting things up their sleeves.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    More hotfixes

    You may have noticed several more small client patches hit this week. The team has been working on squashing several bugs and exploits in the game. Thankfully, as of Wednesday afternoon, it appears the significant issues have been resolved.

    New building blocks!

    A number of new building blocks are in the works on the ‘Building_blocks_2020’ branch. Fulfilling some long standing requests from the base building community, the team at Facepunch has been killing it with the addition of spiral stairs, new triangle blocks, and more!

    Here is a list of the new objects so far:

    • Triangle floor frame

    • Triangle ladder hatch

    • Triangle floor grill

    • Spiral staircase 

    • Half floor

    • Half ramp

    No word on when these new building blocks will go live in the game. We’ll keep you posted as work progresses.

    Armoured cockpit

    It appears as though transporting precious cargo will soon be a bit easier with the addition of the Armoured cockpit to the modular vehicle repertoire. Along with the basics of this module being set up this week, sliding armored windows and a functional check engine light have been added.

    No visuals or ability to test this yet as all the work is still on the separate ‘vehicles’ branch. There is no known date for when this will be added, but we’ll have a full write up as soon as it is.

    Monument Vendors

    It appears the buying opportunities for players will soon be much greater as Damian has added additional shopfronts to Bandit Town and more vending machines to Compound. Could this be in preparation for the new vehicles and various parts which could become available at NPC shops? That remains to be seen, but maybe. This work is still on a separate branch, so stay tuned as more information comes to light.

    Farming2 progress

    Work on updating and adding to agriculture in Rust continues with a bunch of commits to the ‘farming2’ branch. This week we saw some previous genes work get merged into the farming2 branch, further progressing on this functionality. No word exactly how all this genetics will work, but it does seem like farming will soon be a more important in depth part of the game.

    Other stuff

    • Navmesh 2 live on staging - faster server load times!

    • More cinematic tools work

    • Another small update to unity

    • More HDRP work

    • HLOD branch

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