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    Turn down for watt

    12:00am EST - Work on bringing electricity to Rust continues this week as several new items have been added to the electric arsenal. There's also a new weapon and monument on the horizon.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Electrical work continues

    Helk and team have been diligently adding to and improving on electricity in Rust. Along with a slew of other things, laser detectors range has been increased and the door manipulator is now working as intended when switched on and off rapidly.

    There’s also several new electrical objects in the mix. For more on all the electrical components coming with electricity, check out our previous post: Electricity in Rust!

    Large Battery

    Energy storage options have increased this week with the addition of the Large Battery. Like the Small Battery, this puppy stores electricity when hooked up to a power source. As you probably expected, the Large Battery just holds more than its younger sibling.

    Memory cell

    An addition which opens up some interesting possibilities, a 1 bit storage component has been implemented. To quote this items description, “SET input will set the value to 1 CLEAR input sets the value to 0. Output will provide connected power if value is 1, Inverted output will provide connected power if value is 0. This is also known as a D-Type Flip Flop.”

    Electrical branch

    Not to be confused with the ‘branch’ of code a coder develops on, the Electrical Branch is a new object which allows you to branch power off from a main line by a set amount.

    Root combiner

    Where the Branch splits power up, the Root Combiner joins two root electrical sources into a single signal. Helpful for stringing together low energy batteries or solar panels to produce higher power output.


    M39 Incoming!

    Tom has polished up some things with the newest weapon to grace Rust. Posting on his ArtStation page, he added some renders and a video:

    No word on exactly when this’ll make it in game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in for the December 6th update.

    Other stuff

    • Oilrig work continues

    • AI optimizations and improvements.

    • Added hurt triggers to elevators so you're killed when they crush you.

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