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    Tweaks and fixes

    12:00am EST - It’s been one week since the update dropped and the team is working on some fixes and new functionality.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Mandatory update incoming (maybe)

    Andre let me know there may be a mandatory update coming later today. Although he didn’t specify exactly what this patch would be for, we can assume it’s to launch some fixes for issues introduced in last weeks update. This update will not force a wipe, but servers and players will be required to run it once (if) it hits. Stay tuned to @Rustafied for more information.

    Small server update released

    Along the same lines, a small server update was released earlier this week. This optional patch released a fix for player getting stuck if they happened to fall asleep on a water junk pile when the server restarted. Also, some errant wood beams have been removed from water junk piles.


    Water cleanup

    Some fixes and tweaks for the new water waves have been worked on this week. First, the waves and foam have been tweaked pending a ‘proper fix.’ This produces longer waves which are less frequent and have softer foam. There have also been some small fixes for clipping issues and depth-related water artifacts on metal.

    Flamethrower tweaks

    Petur has tweaked an effect with the Flamethrower. You can see an example of this in two short videos he sent me here and here.


    Oil rig fixes

    Rust’s newest monument is also seeing some fixes this week. In the realm of lighting, the pulsing intensity of the lights on the Rig have been fixed after switching culling state (basically as you get closer or farther away). Also, the distance flares now turn off during the day time as intended. Finally, there's been a small out of bounds fix.

    Human AI work

    Helk continues his work on human AI. After rebuilding it from the ground up last month, this complex AI system will likely continue to be worked on for the coming weeks. As you may recall, this new AI aims to improve overall behavior of NPC’s will reducing overhead on the server end.

    Updated Scientist art

    It appears some updates to the Scientist art is on the way. As this is on a separate branch, there are no visuals yet. Stay tuned later in the month as this gets merged in to see exactly what's been changed.

    Giant excavator progress

    Another new monument, the Giant Excavator, continues to get worked on this week. With commits for a digger vehicle, excavator arm, and various materials, it appears as though progress on this new monument is coming along nicely. No word as to whether or not this will make it in for the April update, but we’ll keep you posted as the month continues.

    Other things

    • Backpacks now float!

    • Fixed censorship pixelation sometimes getting enabled even though underwear is enabled (for example when equipping bone armor)

    • Fixed game manifest update not assigning prefab IDs (regression from Unity's new prefab system)

    • Fixed old ass hidden wm weapons bug from 2015

    EU Main IP change

    We have migrated our EU Main server to a new, hopefully more reliable host. Therefore, you’ll notice it’s not showing up on your favorites or recent list. Never fear, it is still on the official list for easily locating. Alternatively, you can use the direct connect information below.


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