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    Update around the corner…


    12:00am EST - With one week till the update and forced wipe, the team is cranking on new functionality.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.


    Hardcore lands September 1st

    That’s right! The most hyped new game mode for Rust is going live next week with the big update. Hardcore is a fresh mode which strips away various gameplay elements to create a more raw Rust experience. 

    This week we’re seeing the finishing touches for next week's launch. This includes removing MLRS, disabling drone marketplace and missions, adding an ingame changelog for game modes, and various other cleanup.

    To summarize, Hardcore features: No teams / contacts system, no maps, local chat only (100m), no safe zones, no crawling when wounded, limit of 5 bags per player, and monthly BP wipes forced. At Rustafied, we’ll be opening an EU Hardcore server when the update goes live. Check back next week for specific connection information.


    Caboose incoming

    A fresh train wagon is in the works on a new branch this week. The caboose is a wagon normally at the tail end of the train which can act as a crew quarters. No visuals or word on features for this new wagon quite yet as it’s still on a separate branch. As always, we’ll keep you posted as more comes to light.


    Single pickup notices

    Tired of pickup notices spamming the side of your screen as you harvest? Well that soon will be a thing of the past as single pickup notices will be coming next week. Now, instead of multiple notices appearing when gathering the same type of resource (especially with a fast gathering tool like the jackhammer), the total amount of resources gathered are counted up on a single notice.


    View fullsize 700580_20220824140309_1.jpg View fullsize 700580_20220824084400_1.jpg





    A new dog on Pets

    More work on the Pets branch this week as another dog model makes its way into the mix. This most recent addition, the Retriever, has been initially implemented, along with some more work on training harnesses and AI. This brings the total to 3 types of dogs when it comes to pets in the works. Still no word on a release date for the pets branch, but we’ll keep you posted.


    Map encryption

    Initial work this week on map encryption. Using a new ‘mapsecret’ convar to set a password, this functionality will encrypt the map file on the server, making it difficult for others to simply connect to a server with a custom map and then host that custom map on their own server. No word on if this will make it in for the update next week.


    Sound shifts

    Some shifts to sounds are making their way into the update next week. Specifically, distant gunshots are more muffled and reverberant. Also, the nailgun attack is quieter.


    Clan stamps

    Over on the AUX branch, there’s some more work on the clan system. Wrapped up with the server to server transfer body of work (nexus), the clans system is basically a cranked up team system for groups to keep track of each other across multiple linked servers.

    This week the team has made it so the clan table (currently a poker table model) can be clicked on to open the clan UI. Also, the clan logo can be stamped onto signs via a new addition to the painting UI. Still no release date on when all of this will go live, but the devs have stated the initial rollout will be limited to certain official servers.


    Other stuff

    • Work to allow mini to land and take off of train flatbeds more easily

    • Fixed getting hit by trains sometimes parenting the player instead of damaging them

    • Added death screen icons and names for all the new train components

    • Added death screen names and icons for modular car deaths, and for snowmobile deaths

    • More tweaks to fix trees spawning in the way of ziplines

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