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    Update incoming

    1:00am EST - Update day has arrived and with it some optimization, quality of life improvements, ai tweaks, and a new tool.

    Our update stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Smoke grenades added

    A new item is here to help obfuscate views. Smoke grenades are now in the game and can only be purchased at Bandit Town for 10 scrap each.

    A handy tool, smoke grenades emit a large amount of - you guessed it - smoke. The smoke lasts around a minute and does a good job of obscuring the area. In the interest of performance, Helk has significantly lowered the amount of particles. He's also added a full grey-out effect when in the smoke to prevent anyone from being able to see out.

    Optimization / performance

    Andre has focused a lot this month on improving client performance. Along with fixing some long standing issues with skin icons not loading, he has made it so all custom skins are downloaded with the game installation files as opposed to loading on the fly. He’s also working with various other elements to reduce client hitches and improve performance overall.

    Bandit town tweaks

    The newest monument on the block has had some modifications this month. Not only has a recycler been added, Bandit Town guards have several new characteristics. They now react to explosives and smoke grenades plus they will apparently kill sleepers (although we haven’t seen this in action yet). Also, a couple new guards have been added and several exploits have been resolved.

    Hide signs option added

    A great new option for streamers is available as a ‘hide signs’ option has been added to the escape menu. Hiding all custom painted signs, this feature may help streamers from inadvertently broadcasting offensive material.

    Decay changes

    You’ll notice some changes to decay times across the board this month. The mailbox, search light, barricades, large furnace, furnace, small and large water catcher, repair bench, oil refinery and research table all decay much faster. Also, workbenches now decay after a long period.

    Farming and food shifts

    There have been some significant shifts to farming with this update. Not only do pumpkins and corn no longer have a condition, they now stack to 20. This means they have full health when harvesting and players are able to eat more quicker than before.

    Deployable placement

    Base design has gotten a bit more flexibility as deployables can now be placed on the shelf under the repair bench. Also, you can now place a small box under the BBQ.

    Other Stuff

    • Recycler can only be turned on or off by the player interacting with it.

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