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    Update incoming!

    Update day is here! The team has been cranking on a bunch of performance improvements and optimization. We’ve also got a bit of fresh content.

    As always, there’s no set time for the update to go live, but generally it hits between 3pm to 5pm EST. Our update stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Hitch and Trough coming

    A new way to feed and store your horse is around the corner. At the time of writing, it’s not merged in. I’ll add all the details on these new items soon.

    New horses

    Some new variants of horses will be pulling into the stables of Rust with this update. A couple awesome looking new breeds have been added to the rideable horse arsenal. On top of this, the hair of horses has been redone, and it looks just fabulous!


    Horse improvements

    Along with the new looks, horses received some tweaks under the hood. As is the name of the game this month, optimization was a primary focus. Along with better performance, some movements were debugged and ragdolls were improved. 

    Minicopter fuel gauge

    A much sought after functionality has been added to the Minicopter. Pilots will now be able to tell how much fuel they have left with the use of a handy new gauge. Sitting right on the bottom of the pilots field of view, the fuel gauge gives an idea of how much fuel is left in the tank.

    At the moment, the gauge is tuned to be full at 100 low grade fuel. Any amount over 100 will just show as full, but as fuel drops below 100, the gauge will start to fall towards empty.


    Minicopter optimizations

    That’s not all to shift in the realm of Minicopters, a bunch of profiling and optimization has been done to the underlying code to improve performance and lower overhead. These strides forward appear to provide significant improvements in server performance.

    Network performance

    Continuing with the theme of the month, network performance has been tweaked and improved upon. Dealing with things like network lerp and tickrate, these shifts aim at improving the smoothness and accuracy at which you see other players. 

    Two new convars have also been added in relation to these improvements. ‘Player.tickrate_cl’ and ‘player.tickrate_sv’ are both set on the server side.

    Other optimizations

    The team has done a number of other miscellaneous changes in the realm of optimization. Together, these stand to improve FPS both on the server and client side. From removing collider batching and improving entity registration performance to tree pooling and laser beam perf fixes - sprinkle in some physics optimizations and the team has done a ton this month to improve performance.

    Graphics overhaul coming soon!

    There is a huge body of work underway which will fundamentally shift the entire look and feel of the game. With the focus of Garry and a good portion of the team, these changes stand to drastically improve the ambiance of the game while also improving performance. 

    As with many exciting things, patience is key. These changes are so vast and all incompassing, it’ll take months of concerted effort before it’ll be fully ready to go. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more information.

    Other stuff

    • Can't pick up sam sites containing ammo

    • Fixed crate marker sending too many network updates

    • Stuff spawned with entity.spawn always faces the camera

    • Added streamer mode to options menu

    • Fixed misclicking accept would reject the team invite.

    • Changed MoveItem amount to an int32 (modder request)

    • Strip newlines from chat input

    • Fix missing chinese/japanese/korean characters

    • Fixed water purifier disappearing after going out of network range

    • More enhancements for player animators and cinematic content creation

    • Giant Excavator is still in progress

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