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    Update time!

    12:00am EST - Update day is here, and with it: elevators, terrain changes, tea buffs, and more! As with all first Thursdays of the month, this patch will force a map wipe on all servers. No forced blueprint wipe, however, many servers - including Rustafied - wipe blueprints when the update hits. 

    The patch is expected to go live at 2pm EST. Our update stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Ding. Elevator here.

    Moving between levels in your base just got a whole lot cooler with the advent of the Elevator Block. Simply plop a couple of these puppies down and bam! You’ve got yourself a spiffy new elevator - shaft and all.

    Each Block is the size of one square of building space. They can be stacked on top of eachother up to 6 levels. As you place them, the Elevator Car gravitates to the top of the shaft. You can build walls and doors freely around each Elevator Block, which allows you to secure it as much or as little as you please. 

    As expected, all of this is going to need some power to operate (10 to be exact). To wire her up, just run a line from your trusty power source to the socket on one of the engines on the roof of the top Elevator Block. To move from floor to floor, you can operate the up and down buttons in the car -- hold E on either access the radial menu to travel all the way up or down.

    Working the elevator is great once you’re already in the thing, but what about if you need to bring it to the level you’re on? That’s where the ‘call elevator’ socket on each floor comes in! Just mount and wire a simple button on each floor to call the elevator to you wherever you are. 

    “But won’t I have to wire a power source to each button? That’s a pain in the ass.” Good news! That’s not required as buttons will now shoot a burst of electricity when pressed, even if they are not hooked up to a power source. Because each floor creates a socket and not a button, you can wire up other things to call the elevator too like a pressure pad or shit, a HBHF sensor.

    Now you may be thinking, “Great, my lazy ass doesn’t have to walk up stairs anymore in a video game, but is that really worth the effort?” Allow me to introduce my new friend, the magical floor changing Mr. Ed. That’s right, horses can be guided on and off each elevator block, allowing you to perform your equestrian feats on any floor of your base. 

    How about security? Well each elevator block has 600hp, which is enough to withstand two rockets or 1 C4. As mentioned above, however, you can build walls and doors around each block, so you have the ability to armor up your shaft as much as your metal allowance allows. Finally, be sure not to stand under the Elevator Car as it comes down, as that thing will squash your ass dead if you’re not careful.

    5 HQM
    300 frags
    3 gears

    Craft time
    30 seconds

    Research cost
    125 scrap

    Level 2 required

    Tea buffs

    Tea drinkers of Rust are getting a huge boost this update as Helk has buffed a number of things. First, advanced and pure healing teas now provide instant health. Also, the effectiveness of wood and scrap tea have been increased. Finally, the max health duration of teas was increased from 5 to 20 minutes. Overall, drinking tea just became much more advantageous. 

    Wood and Scrap Tea Buff


    Yield +30%

    Yield +50%


    Yield +60%

    Yield +100%


    Yield +100%

    Yield +200%

    Healing Tea Buff


    Instant health 0
    Health over time +45

    Instant health +5
    Health over time +50


    Instant health 0
    Health over time +60

    Instant health +10
    Health over time +75

    Trails and terrain shifts

    You’ll notice some changes to the landscape of Rust while roaming around after the update. Mainly, you’ll likely come across a new type of dirt path. These ‘Trails’ are a new addition which ties up the loose ends between various monuments. 

    View fullsize 700580_20200924120044_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20200924121026_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20200924120318_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20200924120142_1.png

    Basically, when the procedural map generation happens, it creates the monuments, a Ring Road, secondary roads, then these new trails to make sure everything is connected all nice like. These trails can be built near, but not on. They tie together any monuments not previously connected, and, best of all, they spawn junkpiles near them as well (although it appears there are still the same number of total junkpiles on the map). 

    Trails aren't the only change to maps, though. A number of rules were tweaked and changed with regards to monument placement. Overall this should equate to better monument population and placement overall on procedural map seeds. Here are a couple examples:

    View fullsize New-map_4500_123456789.png
    View fullsize New-map_4500_556.png
    View fullsize New-map_4500_45874521.png

    Render map

    Nice looking images above, right? Thankfully you too can generate a similar PNG for any server you're connected to with a nifty new ‘world.rendermap’ command. When a player connected to a server runs this new command, the game generates a high definition image of the server map (minus all grids, icons, and labels). This image is placed into your root install directory, and when I say ‘high def’, I mean it. 

    You probably don’t want to run this mid battle, however, as it does use a lot of client resources and can cause your game to lock up for a moment or three. 

    Farming shifts

    Some tweaks this month to berry cultivation. The length for cross breeding berry bushes has been increased. Also, berries can be cloned at a slightly earlier stage. Finally, they’ve fixed being unable to plant next to sapling or higher stage berry bush in a planter.

    Other stuff

    Here are some other things that made it in this month:

    • The Windmill will now rotate to the wind direction

    • The Push Button will now send a small burst of electricity when pressed, even if it has no input

    • Reduced range of bandit sentry turret

    • Reactive Target now requires a hammer to pickup

    • Death map markers now use bottom center to show where you died

    • Require hammer to pickup sleeping bag and beach towel

    • Reduced chance of finding T1 car parts at road and water junkpiles (road side monuments remain unchanged)

    • The HBHF no longer needs a hammer equipped to change settings

    • Can now power storage monitors directly from batteries

    • Disable inherit velocity on torch smoke particles, seems to be causing the strange smoke movement

    • Fix engine stats not appearing when inspecting an engine on a car

    • Chippy arcade volume and gib fixes

    Longer term projects

    The team is working on a ton of things which are not yet ready to go this month. Here are some highlights of what’s coming in the future:

    • Missions which will allow you to get items and blueprints without farming scrap

    • New NPC villages like Stables

    • Hapis is saved and getting some overhauls (like a new road network)

    • All new animal models, animations, and AI

    • A new weather system with storms, lightning, auroras and more

    • More cinematic tools

    • CCTV feed support for Rust+ app (maybe?)

    • HDRP - graphics and optimization overhaul

    • Console release

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