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    Update time!


    12:00am EST - It’s that time of the month again! Rust will update at the normal time (2pm EST / 7pm BST) and force a map wipe.

    Our update stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Gunplay and PvP changes

    After the huge shift to gunplay and recoil last month, we’re seeing a couple tweaks and modifications go live today. Here is a summary:

    • Sped up SAR deploy duration/animation

    • Slightly increased m39 fire rate to match SAR

    • Adjusted m39 recoil and toned down m39 ADS punch

    • Slightly increased m39 accuracy

    • Lowered f1 grenade fuse to 2.5s (was 3.0)


    Loading improvements

    Players will hopefully load into servers a bit quicker given the various loading improvements coming in this month. Long and short, the team is trying a couple asynchronous loading techniques along with reprioritizing the loading of some bundles to allow players to enter servers quicker. 

    Although this type of thing varies from computer to computer, initial tests on staging do show various elements of loading being much quicker than before.


    Hapis updates

    Hapis, the officially supported static map, made a comeback last month. Although great to see this old mainstay enter the fray again, there were some issues with the spawning of various resources. Thankfully, these issues have been resolved this month as Hapis now uses map-specific spawn tables like it originally did.

    In addition to the spawn fixes, they fixed an issue with berries and potatoes not sprouting. They added a couple new monuments as well. Specifically, a supermarket and gas station were added to the desert and an Arctic base was added up north allowing players to now obtain snowmobiles. Finally, they moved small Oil Rig a little to allow the Chinook to properly land.


    Various fixes

    The team implemented a slew of miscellaneous fixes this month. Here are some details:

    • Fixed blood effects randomly appearing white when getting shot (should only appear white when hide blood option is enabled)

    • Fixed crosshair not appearing when first person spectating

    • Fixed hit markers not working in spectate mode

    • Fixed issue where the first shot fired while beginning ADS would still play the non ADS fire animation obscuring the camera

    • Block map name in disconnect menu in streamer mode

    • Allow ridable horses to bypass the clipping check when mounted to an elevator

    • Show a crosshair when in free spray mode

    • Increased default max sprays per player (25 -> 40)

    • Removed hardcoded Z/C/Y keys managing debug camera zoom. Added debugcamera_zoomin and debugcamera_zoomout bindable buttons. Added debugcamera_raise and debugcamera_lower bindable buttons, if these are bound then the debug camera will use this instead of the hardcoded Q/E


    Admin tools

    The development team also added a couple new tools for admins.

    • A new F1 UI screen has been added which allows admins to easily see all player generated content (sign paintings and the like) and remove it if necessary. 

    • Add appban and appunban commands to ban players from using Rust+ without banning them from playing on the server

    • Admin spawnable modular car prefabs - includes presets for 2, 3 and 4 mod setups. Each spawn with full health.

    Other stuff

    • Added several idle animations to the inventory player

    • Default port (28015) automatically assumed for any ‘connect hostname.com’ commands which don’t specify port

    • Require multiple ping samples from the server before showing the ping warning screen so it is more reliable

    • Kayak now faces away from the player by default

    • Mailbox, BBQ, medium battery and windmill now face towards the player by default

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