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    Xmas is around the corner...


    With one week since the update we’re seeing work on long term projects, fixes, and a Rust Xmas event starting next week.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Christmas Event starts next week

    It’s that time of year again and Rust will soon be graced with the familiar jingles of Ole’ Saint Nick. The Rust Xmas event is expected to go live next Thursday (Dec. 19th) with a forced client and server update.

    What’s in store for this year? Little is known at the moment, but I’d venture to guess we’ll see some old favorites such as presents spawning near people, stockings, and a sleigh dropping huge, star-trailed gift boxes from the sky. 

    We’ll also probably see new exclusive items to hit the item store for the duration of the event. Xmas will last through the end of the year and get removed from servers with the first update of the new decade (Jan 2nd most likely).


    EAC Improvements

    Facepunch announced they are working with EAC to ban programmable mice! This news resulted in a large ban wave along with connection interruptions from people who use this type of shit. Nice!

    Server crash fix

    With the update last week, a bug was introduced which would sometimes cause a server to crash while loading information. Thanks to the development team (and an updated version of FP.Steamworks) this issue has now been resolved. Oh, and they fixed some exploits too, which is nice.

    Vehicle progress

    Bill is tearing it up with commits to the vehicles branch. Setting up initial spawns and condition, it appears as though the next form of transportation in Rust is quickly approaching. 

    As you may recall, these new vehicles will be modular, allowing them to serve multiple purposes depending on your needs. When will we actually be able to traverse the plains of Rust in our modded out four-wheelers? Only time will tell, but you can count on a full write up of everything you need to know the moment they are added to staging.


    Along with commits to the vehicles branch, we’ve also been seeing a number to good ole HDRP. Still a huge undertaking in progress, this behemoth body of work stands to improve performance and the look of the game overall. Similar to vehicles, we have no word on when this is going to actually make it in.

    Other stuff

    • Some tree minigame fixes

    • Don't hide viewmodel when alt looking

    • Don't make the playermodel look in the direction of alt look

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