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    Xmas next week!


    12:00am EST - The team is cranking on development and Rust Xmas starts next week!

    Our update preview stream starts at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Boat Hotfix

    As is not uncommon in the days after a large update, an optional hotfix was released the other day. Specifically, this one fixed a broken seat on the rowboat. 


    Xmas starts next week

    That’s right! The yearly Rust Xmas event goes live next week with a mandatory client and server patch (no wipe required). Featuring a ton of seasonal items and activities, Rust Xmas may be more festive than ever! Tune in here next week for a full rundown of what to expect.


    Industrial progress

    Work on the industrial branch moves forward. As you may recall, the industrial body of work appears to include new hardware to allow for auto crafting, an electric furnace, and more. This week we’re seeing the addition of a pipe wrench tool to help with placement of industrial pipes. It looks like the industrial work is moving to the Aux2 branch for testing, so maybe we’ll see it enter the game in the first couple months of the new year.


    Better dismounting

    Improvements to horse dismounting this week as work moves forward to prioritize dismounts to the left or right, instead of dismounting directly on top of the horse. Still on a separate branch, we’ll make sure to test and report more once it’s merged into staging.

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