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  1. This isn't possible and would be something Facepunch would have to add. https://rust.nolt.io/
  2. @NorfolkNoise There are 3 types planned, garrison, outpost and prison. Garrison is the easiest which is why it was implemented first. The harder it gets the better the loot. Outpost would be next but no ETA at the moment.
  3. Survey notes were removed from the game by Facepunch and it's not currently possible to re-implement them. Horse dung production was also greatly nerfed a few updates ago.
  4. Death


    @Flatline @Sararainmaker That would indeed fall under political as some may have a difference of opinion and some may misuse what that flag represents. So it's best we avoid it altogether.
  5. @Sararainmaker Refineries and furnaces intentional I will also look into fireplaces and campfires.
  6. Your ban has been lifted. Please review server rules before connecting and I look forward to having you apart of our community once more!
  7. Changed Status to Released Changed Version to 7.29.20
  8. @Sanbo Only survival has Jpipes @device420 You can use containers as splitters but it's currently not possible to specify the output for each pipe other than flow rate determined by the pipes tier. This is something to be considered in the next update.
  9. @DifanceR We already have npc bases on our modded servers. They spawn in on the hour and will eventually implement the ability to locate your own base to destroy.
  10. I will be changing how vehicles are stored (vehicle flares) as well as adjusting prices to re-balance with the latest changes to the game. I feel the recent changes to how you acquire helicopters satisfies this suggestion therefore I will mark it so.
  11. Garrisons are designed to be an unmanned facility. We will be adding more types in the near future such as outposts and prisons, which will have npcs.
  12. Sure, I'll get that added as soon as possible.
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