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  1. EU-Scourge: Tea Shop (By UberLoots) tea-2021-03-08 18-18-53.mp4
  2. EU-Scourge: Just Fuel (by Chezi) Just-Fuel-2021-03-08 18-15-32.mp4
  3. EU-Scourge: Pookies Chocolate Battle Pastry Shop AB22 (Admin Build). Pookies-2021-03-08 18-11-26.mp4
  4. Post an image or short video (or YouTube link) of your awesome neon signs for March and let us know the server it's on!
  5. Aurora

    Team Signs

    @ EU Scourge <3
  6. Players have posted a couple times in Discord that the queue system for drops on US Scourge isn't working.
  7. Thanks everyone! Here is the list of challenge winners for Feb wipe. Store credits are typically delivered to your account within a week. For in-game prizes, ask an admin on your server. -------------------- First: $10 RustEZ store credit Gratia Three Time Champion 265.8m Second: $5 RustEZ store credit flash bang 205.5 Third: 3x supply signals Silentlyloud 100.7 GLHF: 3x supply signals GtG77 63.6m --------------------
  8. Build Contest Winners Thanks everyone the build tours was a lot of fun! ♥ You may request in-game prizes for this wipe or next (ask an admin on your server). EZ store credits will be deposited to your account, typically within a week. First Place - Spindelle: $10 RustEZ store credit Second Place - Anatomicalhearts: $5 RustEZ store credit Third Place - Lexi: 3x Supply signals Participant's Choice - wolfears & Gintahl: 3x Supply signals Discord Build Tours Event Prizes Spindelle - $5 RustEZ store credit Pikah - Steam key (delivered)
  9. That mod is on all RustEZ servers, with the exception of our Pure servers. Pure is a Community server listing, and as such, may not utilize this server mod. In some situations for raiding, stealing and theft, I agree: Based on your RustEZ profile and warnings on your account, you'd already have a ban if we implemented immediate bans for all these potential occurrences. I don't know that we'll actually consider moving to immediate bans for these situations, but I'm always open to suggestions and player feedback on these topics.
  10. Aurora

    Feb Build Contest

    Build Tours Event
  11. Aurora

    Feb Build Contest

    Build Tours Event
  12. Aurora

    Feb Build Contest

    Build Tours Event
  13. Aurora

    Feb Build Contest

    Build Tours Event
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