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  1. I try to do build contests every couple months. There is one planned for next wipe, but I'll definitely think about this for future wipes!
  2. Player (Iggy Cotton) reported LGF loss with oil refineries, possibly after a server restart. Have confirmed container was not looted.
  3. Aurora


    Player efforts and reports certainly do help curb the problem and is appreciated by all staff. Admins are not automatically in the know or see everything happening on the server. Admins simply do not have any kind of super ability that lets them see all players & monuments on a map 24/7. The best way to let an admin know is to post in our #help channel in Discord and tag your server (example message: "@(US)Survival players are camping Brad") If you are not comfortable with reporting a player breaking the rules in our #help channel, then you can message the head admin from your server via the Staff page. You can also send a private report via the Help page.
  4. Following up on multiple player reports of map lag on US-Scourge, which is frustrating for players. When you first open map there is a pause before you can interact with it (zoom, click/drag). As shown in the video clip, if you open and wait for the map icons etc. to refresh, you can then interact – however, opening and interacting immediately is problematic. In contrast, you can open the map and interact with it instantly on EU-Scourge. Rust 2021-07-13 20-44-14-US-Scourge.mp4
  5. It's a great station and my favorite one to play -- great tunes for night time fishing parties.
  6. Let's be honest. Your ban appeal is simply a list of reasons explaining your behavior, when in fact the admins -- through a serious of in-game warnings and a temp ban -- have been letting you know said behavior shouldn't be taking place on our community servers. I get it – sometimes players get angry/upset/irritated, but that's not an excuse for all players on the server at that time to have to deal with your chat antics. I also get being an adult and enjoying a drink when I play games (or being tired when I play). It goes without saying, however, that you are accountable for your behavior at all times. Your ban appeal offers no apology or indication that you understand the rules and intend to play by them. For that reason, the temp ban will remain in place. Once lifted you may join any RustEZ server of your choosing. Rules are the same across all servers, so please take the time to figure out how to play within them.
  7. I've read through all the reports posted, including the ban report and the responses, and reviewed how it was handled. I have spoken with Michael, and they agree that a 3-day ban is appropriate, given your actions and the ban will be updated to reflect this. The complaint of racism on the server has been looked into. I'm sorry that you experienced such negativity. The player has received a notice permanently applied to their RustEZ profile and will be expected to play by the rules if they wish to remain on the server. In the future I encourage you to take the time to report the player and situation (on the server or in #help on Discord) rather than taking your own retaliation measures – that simply doesn't work out well for anyone involved, as reflected by your own in-game warnings and ban. Upon your return to the server, if you continue to have issues with said player, reach out to me directly via website message or via Discord (Aurora#4203). ~ A
  8. Issue persists on US Survival, since release. Following today's issue @ 10:12 EST, 2 players reported that their Pumpjack input/output empty or not correct values when they relogged to server.
  9. Status Definitions are located to the right of the Bug report post. This issue is marked as the following: Working = The issue is currently being looked into by a developer. You may follow the thread to be notified when the status has been changed to fixed (and/or) released.
  10. Agreed, the boom box needs a reduction in durability loss!
  11. No prize awarded to participants when /event is ended.
  12. Unknown command: top
  13. --- Resolved ---
  14. You were given a final verbal warning in Discord voice chat by an admin from your server (alexanightfire) and server owner @Death, which is one more chance than players with this many warnings on their account get. The ban action placed on your account is completely justified. As noted in your original ban appeal, this ban is permanent and will not be lifted.
  15. Player opened a friend's large chest (was full of components). Next time they looked (within 5-10 mins) it was completely empty. It happened a couple times. I verified it's not a "Loot all" issue, and relogged, so doesn't appear to be a visual glitch either. Container IDs also fine and looters log as expected.
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