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  1. So if you have your own server, why do you need an unban? You are probably going to be a bit busy running things over there, what is the point? For you to recruit players or to compare your server to this one? And by the way, there is a lot of custom plugins that don't exist elsewhere that runs on RustEZ, they don't necessary buy cookie cutter plugins, they are custom ones, that probably have lots of hours from the owner. Also you didn't seem to make an appeal or an apology, you just expect to be automatically unbanned after a period of 3 months when the ban says "Permanent"
  2. When you skin a stack of hazmat suits to spacesuit. Turns into a single one
  3. EU Survival Reporting player Siggesatan for breaking rule "Be a decent human being" and bordering on looting and not apologizing for it. More screenshots available Upon request. For the full conversation ---Short version, I went to outpost with 1600 Scrap, bought water components for farm and researched them at outpost research bench. I didn't realize I left my scrap at the research bench. Left for bandit camp by mini, didn't have scrap the buy the sprinkler and Large planters. So I left and went back to outpost to find out someone took over 1000 scrap that I left by accid
  4. @Sararainmaker I think the point they are making is that not everyone can afford to pay for it. If it's free to everyone, it's going to be a bigger problem. I've bought them in the past and rarely do now. Not a financial problem, just give you too many resources too fast.
  5. Pumpjacks+quarries make the game too easy. At least if you have only quarries that you need to farm the low grade from animals or buying the low grade from outpost with other resources it makes it more challenging. Having too many easily accessible resources, will not only affect the economy, everyone will have all the blueprints also everyone rich without farming anything on the server. But having access to unlimited resources mean more huge bases that make people drop frames and complain about server/client performance. Having more pumpjacks and quarries running 24/7 with refineries and
  6. And I agree with SCE_Wraith the problem is more than likely a problem your end. I have played US RustEZ Scourge, not interested in playing there. Too much drama, can never do heli or brad or cargo, or oil rigs, as too many people lined up. Also your comment about allowing other players to do heli? Lag was an issue in pookie town before electricity was a thing, but they were also spamming tuna can lamps. Running your game in potato tells the game that you don't have a graphics card and forces to use more CPU. Rust is already a CPU bound game. You will see a massive difference in intel
  7. You explain that people have to take time to setup a complicated electrical system, to save FPS on your computer. But you can't be bothered to type again or copy paste text properly. It's not really sending the right message. It takes more effort to setup a day/night electrical system with a solar panel and blocker than it is to copy paste. Plus they would need to do this every month. What I don't get is how do you know it's not the lights and the fact there are a lot of build blocks. You do not have the ability to shut off all the lights from other people to know the lights would have an
  8. Ive never had issues of people's lights lagging. Not quite sure it's the lights how can you tell unless you had the ability to turn them all off? It's more than likely your computer or your connection The other problem is it might be a client side issue, such as you settings on shadows etc. Or your computer is not fast enough to play Rust in a densly populated areas. Not sure how you are going to get people to add complexity to their electricity setup when you are too lazy to highlight text and copy paste to be honest.
  9. One of the issues that Facepunch has not resolved client side it seems still. If you have a miner's hat, weapon flashlight or a combo of both+ the glowing eyes of the zombies. It disconnects you at night and you could die from the zombie, you spawn and you don't see where your dead body is and you have no option to revive. You sometimes have to go find your bag. It was a reason why the nights were not extended by too much, increasing population too much can have that negative effect more.
  10. Maybe I need to update this now. The price at bandit camp is 750. It was originally 1500 on staging branch when I made the comment. Iv'e seen quite the reduction in Mini usage, but still see it and use it myself. igor, if you want we can organize some flying lessons to help you. I thought a few people. But it does make it more expensive now to try and learn to fly. I know there are flying school servers just like there are aim training servers. But we can't promote 3rd party servers here I suppose
  11. I've been on servers where they have harder bot NPC. They don't seem to keep populations. People pretty much spawn in and curse and log out. We have to pretty much escort them as other players so they can make a base and store their loot. and have a bag etc.
  12. Another shot showing my heli tower, the heli shot him when it ran low from an angle from the side/rear. I couldn't tell what it shot at when it shot the rockets, because I use armored windows. I could not see the base from my windows, only the heli firing rockets in that area
  13. [EU] Survival User SamoFLY was popping shots with M39 and another weapon with pistol ammo in the middle of me fighting LVL3 Heli from my helitower He used the base that is by supermarket and intersectstion as you can see from screeshot there is damage to the base. And it self repaired, the heli landed on the other side of the mountain. Near W21 marker. He did log out but I imagine he ran away from base. I went to investigate if there was a helitower as I saw heli during fight rocket him, it was quite low on the way to supermarket 1
  14. @Oxum, I cannot speak for your actions, but I was a bit offended by the comments made by admins. And felt I had to interject. I document some of the incidents in chat, the no clipping battling etc. I have said in the past that one of the reasons I don't play on US Survival was because of a few players, but the deciding event was an admin talking to one of my friends in voice chat. We didn't use Video recordings then. But some nasty stuff was said, I considered that admin a friend before that. I heard both sides of the conversation because my firend had a checkemark in his discord that wo
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