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  1. they are not allow owner to access them
  2. dragonzz

    us surv

    i put an app. in
  3. dragonzz

    us surv

    our server needs a daytime admin
  4. I just wanted to take time to thank the admins rayne has helped me get loot when things where glitched and just a few nights ago Granny came in an stopped an underage brat from stealing my garrison loot. Thank you both
  5. dragonzz

    name rule

    Some of the kiddies for better term are going a lil bit far on names us surv just had erect gamer join really guys do you need these names
  6. bandit camps takes too long to sell hqm at only 700 per turn when you have like 80000 hqm
  7. when you buy them for $1 you only get 1 grenade did it not use to be 20
  8. Have you ever seen a flying Bradley?
  9. is there anyway to up the amount like of hqm you sell at one time to scrap vendor at bandit and up the amount of stone you trade for wood at outpost to make it more like you did when you sell stuff for coins on the black market..
  10. iN GAME NAME Dragonzz server us Survival grid s 14
  11. seems like it produced less then a level 0 quarry, but problem is the 100 sheet metal seems a bit high since you can only get it by road work or buying it from outpost which costs 3000 scrap for 100 sheet metal. in mean is you run 3 pumps and 3 quarry an take each to level 6 it would cost you 108,000 scrap for the sheet metal 18,000 more for the scrap needed that seems way to much to get in a 30 days period and then to have to do it every 30 days. Also 3 pumpjacks is ok but i buy 4 every wipe so your losing $3 a wipe from me buying 1 less and that is just from my lose purchase. could it n
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