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  1. I disagree, playing on RustEz you become part of the community and helping other players becomes part of the gameplay... of course you don't have to report a mysterious box but then you also don't need to open it. You'd like clearer rules but then tons of people join RustEZ servers that have *no killing, no looting* in the server title and they still ask if there's pvp and looting. Newbies tend to be followed, admins can check your inventory even if they can't see in/outs of boxes. You don't get banned from opening a box or furnace... if it's all too tempting go to Scourge. welcome to the server
  2. reading ban reports and #help in discord (and generally just playing and reading chat) is a great way to learn rules haha! I do feel concerned over wild containers, who, why and what could be in them that meant they weren't in a base and unloved like that? I've yet to see a wild container... generally admins say if it's not yours don't touch it, if you didn't put it down (it's not yours.) The lovely admins generally lock up if they find things unsecured (TC, boxes, windows) but they aren't going to find all the unsecured 100% of the time (Scourge and survival? have permissions and you'd be blocked by the TC.) Ultimately it's up to the player to secure entries and containers. If you play enough on RustEZ there's absolutely no point in looking into wild containers because you have tons of stuff! Ultimately doing so, it would be in the log and the owner can report missing items. Regardless of where a container (or anything) is, it isn't yours but you took it anyway is looting. I know there's opinions on more elaboration of rules but it says No raiding, griefing or looting of any kind. Can't honestly be more clear than that. if ever you spot a wild container, tell an admin and i'm sure they'll sort it out.
  3. Your in-game name: TIffDust The server your contest build entry is on: AU-Scourge The map grid ID location of the build: J21 One screenshot showing the front of The Twits Bait & Spaghetti shop One screenshot showing the interior of the build
  4. i like that there's a picture of the garrison with the notification and a time stamp BUT as someone who isn't interested in garrisons i feel the need to interact with the notifications hourly or when it fills up the side of the screen (is opt in/out possible?) Could a picture be there with a countdown to the spawn of the next garrison instead (doesn't count down when it has spawned and be out of the messages section.) The opaque bar makes me think i should be able to click the whole bar but only the triangle in the middle is open/close ? it's a bit touchy for a game where an npc can kill you before working out the cursor stuff (example being stuck in cursor mode and unable to move/shoot.) Newcomers (who see they have messages, feel the need to know how to access them and it gets asked many times in chat.)
  5. TiffDust


    New or old players are required to follow the rules and read rules. Being that it is PVE the struggle (as you put it) will be with other players and admins if you have issues with sharing, waiting or missing out. In PVP if you want something, you go fight for it. In PVE you will; miss out, Brad will respawn right after you leave, you will need to wait for the crate to respawn on rigs (before going), you'l split loot or enemies with other players that do damage. It's being part of the server community along with everyone else there who are just like you, learning and/or wanting to have fun.
  6. Don't agree on any limit of vending machines, pretty sure if you have issues most admins will look into it and see if it's reasonable, being used etc. i don't see how cutting down 5-10 machines would make much difference. mistakes get made pricing things higher elsewhere and also a minority of players will buy from a player shop for more than outpost/bandit. Reselling clones that took an effort of 15minutes is griefing imho, a small minority think it's ok, an even smaller minority don't see the issue with it and they'll ask when the clones will be up as their clone shop is ready (I have no issue with people giving them away.) The solution is to not sell them, in a PVE environment it's easier enough for people to learn to clone and there's no drama involved selling cloth to bandit.
  7. interesting, do you play pure? as i know in scourge a TC automatically has a lock and you spawn in with bow/arrows , clothing and a torch as default so a jump in kit would be fairly limited to pure (maybe survival, idk.) I'm guessing this is for the rustez store? where you can buy guns and outfits so if you already wanted to jump in with something you already can . The buy 10k stuff sounds interesting but i'm not sure about having 10k hqm on wipe day... either players would get bored quickly or build mega bases.. I don't mean to be shooting down your ideas, it's worth thinking it out a bit more
  8. I observed as pickle farming and garrison TC as it was before (mostly applies to the modded servers); devalued hemp/corn/fish farming. Made it easy enough to buy out all the tech trees so you didn't have to; find/grind, buy, fish, trade or visit a player shop. Had players mostly staying inside their pickle farms instead out on the roads, tunnels, skies etc... the social side dropped more so when the free TP to bandit/outpost came in. Both meant alot of scrap, grabbing the TC of garrison once was enough to buy tons of composters, pickles and farmed lgf to continue the circle of more networth. The server existed before pickle farming and garrison TC, it will continue on just fine without them. Players come and go, if you're enjoying an exploit of the game i think it's fair to say it's probably time to move on.
  9. it's not useless, it still has the crates unless i read wrong.. and its about the fun (blowing stuff up, using rockets on something) and not about networth (like all the other events/monuments.)
  10. Garrisons more or less spawn every hour, if garrisons had a more random time that might help curb some camping (the logging in just before the hour & the players who are waiting on the coastline in a mini for garrison to spawn. ) as it did for brad.
  11. you mean there's no limit on how many one person can do within the realms of being a considerate player.
  12. it would be worth having a garrison event where learning how to do garrison was the focus. An observation from the few months i've played is that many who do garrison are mostly happy to share and show new players but then also use it as a kind of excuse or reasoning of why that one didn't count (or why they do many.) The same can be said for brad/heli, those who find the fun in the battle or doing damage but then not caring for the loot... personally it just seems a bit of waste, a lost opportunity for someone looking for both. A queue has just as much toxicity potential as a public alert. The key is being considerate which isn't enforceable or easily/quickly learnt.
  13. massive fail on my behalf, it occurred to me (just now, thanks brain) being so close to wipe day that i wouldn't have any scrap sitting on the research table. The button turns up when scrap is added, no bug. So sorry and thank you for being kind.
  14. Thank you for the event. I was happy to have entered the competition and didn't expect a win of any sort.
  15. Spotted by user Camo on AU Scourge and confirmed by myself. The research table interface has no button to confirm/start a thing to research, loot all etc buttons related?
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