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About Me

  1. Hello it seem i got banned for 23h and i didnt know i did something worng i didnt know i couldn't take the helicopter and i said i was sorry i'm new to this game please can someone unban me so i can continue learning the game , i have learnt my lesson and i'm very very sorry .
  2. Hey there, I was asked by NorthStarz to change my screen name or I would be banned. I went to change my name but when I came back I was banned. Can I be added back to the server with the new name change?
  3. Yeah so i joined to play with some friends who recommended the server and i didnt read the rules since on other servers it's just adverts so i clicked thru it all and then said something on global chat and got banned - mb wont happen again
  4. I made a distasteful joke and was banned. I now know to not make these distasteful jokes on the servers. my apologies.
  5. Hi. In the middle of a raid against the NPC base on EU scourge. [?] SIPLYI shows up, waits for me then starts hacking crates. loots them both , I did laugh cause he didn't have a ladder and it took him 5 mins to get out of the hole. I didn't bother continuiing the raid. This might be permitted but it seems pointless to do the NPC raid for the loot to be stolen
  6. i havent played this server in forever and forgot whatever racist thing i said that lead to the ban, i remember being harrassed by like 4 people and nothing happened to them and they were being derogatory im pretty sure, im not gonna justify myself for whatever i said tho, but yeah i miss playin this server, is there any way yall could unban my account, i like the whole pve thing, sucks 1 night got me permanently banned months ago, i dont remember what happened ngl, sulli had favortism and i remember the other 4 i was arguing with was close to sullivan, i actually like sulli aswell, but yeah idk where to go to get unbanned besides the link on the server
  7. I'm not sure what was said, I was renaming my bed and pressing random buttons on my keyboard and when I pressed ok to rename my bed it said I was banned for being racist. This being the only server I play on, I would greatly appreciate if I could get un banned considering I am very nice to any player I come in contact with. Thank you for your time.
  8. Offender(s): Name - Rusty hazmat suit Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198337497366 Battlemetrics - https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/players/919916553 Server: EU Pure Length: 30 days Reason: Has painted imagery on a sign that is not tolerated within the RustEZ community. Has received a 30 day ban as a reminder to not do it again. Screenshots:
  9. 2 kids where in front of me trolling taking everything.. on purpose talking shit in voice chat and i called them a faggot.. i was just angry i should of used a different word. Usually i dont get mad but they where just being rude and inconsiderate.. I am sorry. I didn't even know the 2 kids names and they just followed me in their car taking everything then shooting me then taking the next thing then shooting me.. Im a very nice player until people start breaking the rules.. the only reason why i said that phrase is because people where breaking the rules after me spending 30 min making a pure scrap tea and trying to farm just to afford upkeep on my bases.. Honestly i will apologize to anyone i offended. it was not meant in a offensive way it was honestly meant as a really dude why are you being an idiot.. I will take my 3 hour ban but i just wanted to explain my actions to admins and staff.. i do not want to have a bad rep with you guys. i love the server and would like to keep a position to play on it. Thank you for your time admins and staff i truly appreciate it..
  10. i do not thing putting a code on the tc and giving them the code on the note does not call for a ban, please fix this mistake of just jhonny and maybe fire him because he did an awful job. my ign is LoliNiu
  11. I was offline and go banned? My wonder is I talked to admins about monuments and we followed those rules. In terms of harassment I only had one real warning the rest were just people trying to start drama. One instance is that a player did 4 hits >0.1% damage to heli and tried to loot so we called admin and he had a thing against us since then. Another instance being players getting mad over the fact that we built up quicker basically getting jealous start beef too. I never got a true cause to ban so thats what im asking. Throughout all of the last day on the server I never talked to anyone except teammate and attempting to help someone in chat to where they got mad and I just muted.
  12. Toxicity and harassment. Due to multiple accounts of people claiming things against me I decided to disprove all of them in one writing. Ill start on day 2 when we had our first instance with people named Rosskk and Xarel where we did all the damage to heli and the person named Xarel tried to claim the heli so we called amsullivan and she handled the situation well even though they were trying to argue it. We had multiple time asking the admins and in cases death about taking monuments back to back in which we cleared up over time. The next day We took Bradley APC with no issues. Then we checked large oil rig cameras and saw no one on the rig so we flew 2 minicopters out loaded with people to try and take oil rig. It was at the moment we arrived we noticed a person on a boating trying to take the rig. We cleared the whole platform, the crate room was cleared and we had killed all scientist when was offered to deliver the former attacker his loot or he cloud come collect it which ever he preferred. He declined and a few hours later I went to Bradley APC and saw another person there so i took it with them later realizing it was the same guy from oil rig. I simply asked if I could have whatever rockets he got so i wouldn't have such as loss even though I was entitled to %60 of the loot. He got mad and started getting mad over me and got another player named rubics-q-bert joined in on the argument (To this day I still dont know why rubics-q-bert doesnt like us but we assumed it was jealousy). By this point we had a new member to our team who had started a passive income farm meaning we didn't have to do any fighting monuments such as Bradley or heli for the loot. From there we simply took down heli and gave away the loot. I should note that even with the past issues we still gave Xarel and Rosskk loot because we had offered. 2-3 hours later a player named =/\=Ghost asked me to clear out Bradley APC so he could successfully loot launch site without issue. I agreed and went to launch site and Xarel was there and when I asked if he was camping (this was because we knew at this point he was camping Bradley using the excuse that he was "farming" but had a rocket launcher) so I asked if he was going to take the Bradley or not. At which point he got mad that he though I was accusing him of camping (in which I did say "I mean it looks like you are camping the Bradley) I asked repeatedly if he was going to fight it in every instance he decided to argue that he wasn't camping it. (I didn't care for taking Bradley at all I just wanted the player to be able to loot without issue) so in trying to be polite I offered to leave if he just answered if he was taking Bradley because if not I would have to come back to save my friends loot. I had reported this incident to an admin but to my knowledge he received no punishment. By this point I was just putting aside the drama because I wasn't trying to get banned due to the fact that early in the wipe I had followed my neighbor taking photos with the instant camera as a joke. I also am now realizing that my teammate threw C4 on the road to antagonize them in which the reaction was small. In the last few days of me playing on the server my team and I were running GEP and farming for up to 10 hours a day for firework shows the server could enjoy. We also gave Aks to new players and everything you could imagine. At this point Xarel was always trying to start arguments with me even if I was trying to help them so I eventually muted the. I had about 5 people that didn't our team mostly because we built up so quickly (this is an assumption because about half of the didn't have a reason to be mad). On the last day of my playing before I got banned I had logged off at 12am PST after only talking to my teammate and no one else. I logged on this morning to find out I was banned and I still dont have a real reason as to why. Some things I should not are we did cargo ship 3 times the whole wipe. We only take heli when it flies near our base in which then we give it away mostly and we did oil rigs under 5 times. Bradley APC was the only one I did probably 10 times but we have since limited our whole clan to twice a day at night only where the least amount of players is on.
  13. i got perm banned for nameing a sleeping bag a bad name but i feel like i shouldnt be banned because i didnt say it in chat or to anyone in the server
  14. banned for: "theft and defacement" i am sorry for stealing someone's loot and destroying walls. i am aware of what i did was wrong, and i apologize for it, if i am unbanned i will not play on the same server as the person i stole from. and i will give back to new players that join the servers. i will also apologize to the player itself in game or by email to show my regret of doing what i did. i enjoy playing on the RustEZ servers. and i wish to continue playing on them.
  15. I was in the server and I got banned from the server (Scourge). I was banned for Raiding and Theft, if I remember correct I was with my teammate and he was at a base taking supplies (the base was decayed) and on the discord server I am unable to find the rules and when I asked my teammate if we are allowed to take stuff from a decayed base and I got no response so I supposed it was ok as he is an experienced player and I am still relatively new. I understand if this does not change my case but thank you for reading. - QuiqueWoland
  16. Offender: The Engineer Steam ID: 76561198978713425 Server: EU Pure Length: 3 Days Reason: Toxicity in chat towards another player. Taking all event loot apart from rubbish without asking other participant. More Info: Combat log for heli, as you can see Davis did a significant amount of damage: The Engineers' messages to Davis following him telling him about the server rules:
  17. Hello, As I was working in my base arranging some wires, I was blinded by the sun, and fell to my death. After I respawned, I trash talked the game and called it a bitch, after which I got banned for two hours. Can the ban be cleared so I can continue working on the base? Promise I will never swear again (I was not aware that there's an autoban for swearing). Thank you in advance, love the server.
  18. This player TonDex came into my base as I was there and took a lot of items from my chest, they gave some ores back but nothing else that they took and are acting dumb on what else was in them, Please can you deal with this. I do not feel I completely got back what I lost from this and I do not trust this player not to come back and attempt to take my resources for their own use again as they admitted to needing to use some for C4. I have uploaded screenshots of in game chat as proof towards this. Thank you for your time and consideration. Riva
  19. I'd really like to be given another chance on this server (scourge pve to be exact) its been a long time im not sure how long its even been. I was banned by Death for harrassment. I shouldnt have been so crazy and being such an annoyance in chat. Ever since i was banned from this server, every place i been too has been so unsatisfying. I often see Scourge PVE on the serverlist with the perfect ammount of players and i feel so jealous that i cant come back to this place lol. I miss the cool ass community that the scourge server had. Also how unique it was. It is honestly the most perfect zombie server that you can find anywhere on Rust. I can't say how much i regret harassing the people/staff on Scourge server and I really do miss playing on this server. I really wish i could have another chance to play here again as i had so much dam fun, spending hours upon hours farming and building the ultimate man cave house lol. Also the server events were cool as hell!
  20. I was banned from all the servers back when there was a PVP server (I think anyway) by MeowfulMint. I don't play often, but I would just like to play on the Survival server with my sister (Novak) and my dad (Dixin).
  21. Hello, I just started playing rust and had my first wipe today. Now I cannot locate the RustEZ Pure server US. Is this the result of a ban? Thank you for your attention.
  22. I left game on and my nephew decided he was going to play he got me auto banned for racism he sees this stuff in tv and movies and thinks he can do it in the real world without consequences i told his parents about it my brother and and sister inlaw they saw nothing wrong with cause its just a video game this caused a huge fight needless to say i will not be watching my nephew in the foreseeable future until they teach there child some discipline
  23. Offender: WOJTSON STEAM Server: US Pure Time: 9:00 PM EST Length: Permanent. Reason: Stealing, raiding, looting. More Info: Player was given numerous PSAs, one verbal, and two official warnings about stealing and looting. They refused to stop their PVP behaviors leaving us with no choice but to enforce a permanent ban. Logs are shown below.
  24. Reason: Offensive language Ban length: Permanent P.S. Did not know Scourge had offensive language filters, got the auto-ban hammer the moment I pressed enter. I'm sorry please unban me.
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