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About Me

  2. Got banned for language when naming my sleeping bag as a joke.
  3. Server [US] RustEZ Survival PvE | No Decay | No Killing | No Raiding | https://drive.google.com/open?id=19zwI1kC2SheC5zxwg3jurXmPvD7S1ho4
  4. Hey Erm i once played on this server and probably tilted alot and messed around with a ex staff member. I Have A Friend Who still continuously plays on the server and i want to see whats new. And Test the new farming Thing. Hope What ever my offence wasnt too bad and id love to come back
  5. Hello Admins , I would like to report a thief named (crazyprazygamer) .. i got a loot after a fight with the helicopter, i got 4684 damages, While the only player who participates with me is (Big Linda) and he got 144 damages, The thief was at the site and he refused to leave the place until he completed his theft, so i recorded the video and clue for players combat with damages and i uploaded it on YouTube on this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZefA7-wi7lM&feature=youtu.be
  6. Hello There, I am Lonely Alpha or AlphaKortex Some people might know me others wont. I was not somewhat of a mean person at the end of the year by saying some mean stuff so i got banned from the website what automatically bans you from the Discord if you have it linked so what i did. So i would like to get unbanned from discord username is Lonely Alpha#0666 Many thanks the new and improved Lonely Alpha.
  7. I answered a question on Au Scourge PVE server with my opinion about the pve server being better than the pvp servers and the second I hit enter I got auto banned racism. since there was clearly no race involved in what I wrote this must be a mistake and I would like to appeal this ban
  8. LOTS of racial slurs being thrown around on US survival now.
  9. It's only three hours but my friend wants me back on-- I said a word I wasn't supposed to on my own sleeping bag; didn't mean anything malicious but I fully understand the justification. I deeply apologize for wasting anyone's time on this, though.
  10. US SURVIVAL Geri_Atric BM Steam 12-30pm pdst Toxicity to players, and admins over the firework bug, continual berratement of staffs "apparent lack of interest in the firework bug" Geri_Atric: fuck it Imma just going to go blow shit up 10:39 AM Geri_Atric: this server is the worst server ,thety dont give a rats ass about the playersd 10:40 AM Geri_Atric: just take the money and then when s=hit dont work . blame it on somthing else 10:41 AM Geri_Atric: the people that "run" ity don't want to talk. cause they all know I am righjt. all I get is a bunch of bullshit 10:42 AM Geri_Atric: I go to facepunch, facepunch says server isse. I go to server , saerver tell me its a facepunch isseu 10:42 AM Geri_Atric: so they are bo=th a bunch of lieing fucks 10:43 AM Geri_Atric: but if a chain link fence despawns they can fix that, that ngoed to top fucking priority 10:44 AM Geri_Atric: OH FFS you think I an new? 10:44 AM Geri_Atric: you havent read above? 10:44 AM Geri_Atric: FFS I have beeh to fucepunch over this 10:45 AM Geri_Atric: dont tell me to calm down 10:45 AM Geri_Atric: you litlle punk 10:46 AM Geri_Atric: f maybe you should STFU 10:46 AM Geri_Atric: not you tx 10:49 AM Geri_Atric: well iof you don't want a responce to what you type don't type
  11. I just killed Brad and a player "Heybud" came up and tried looting the crates while they were still on fire. I told him that this server banned looting other players loot and to please back off. He told me, "You can't kill me, Mothf#cker." He then looted two of the three crates and ran away. I encounter this type of behavior weekly, and nothing ever seems to get done. Please take action this time. Thank you.
  12. A player on EU Survival griefed my base and looted it. They somehow authorized on my tc, built a structure outside, emptied all my boxes, and locked all my most important boxes with wooden locks, including components, guns, ammo, resources. Not sure if these boxes are full or empty. I assume empty. I'd be delighted if an admin could find out who did all this, and take appropriate measures. Thank you. -Chinaski
  13. Banned for racism I was talking in team chat to one other person who ive known for years, got auto banned thru system for racism. It wasn't aimed maliciously and the person also came on discord that it was said to and vouched the same. Just banter.
  14. US SURVIVAL BunnieMae 0800 Being toxic to staff on the server accusing admins of destroying or moving your times time and time again. None of the admins have done anything to your base. We have attempted to help. We have assured you we haven't done anything to your base. we have attempted to help you understand there are glitched in the game beyond anyone's control. and yet you still continue to berate belittle and lie.
  15. Offender: RN Mako Meta Info: Steam Battlemetrics Server: AU Pure Time and Date: Sunday, 12th Jaunary 2020 9:03PM AEST Length: Permanent Reason: Raiding and stealing. Ignoring server rules. Evidence: Player had only just recieved a warning from Postanou for going through another player's base, storage conatiners, and authorising on their TC. Then found him doing the same thing again going through a sleeper on the beach 3 minutes later.
  16. I logged in to the server for the first time ever and got banned for some racist flag and i never even got to wake up. I was hoping to get the ban reversed cause i didnt do that. I think the name is spelled different.
  17. So today I was playing with a pal and got instabanned for saying "This N***a finna get banned" because someone was being weird in the global chat. I am not a racist person and I did not mean to say that word in a racist manner. I feel completely dumb for saying it and I was hoping to get unbanned from the server. Thank you and have a good day, AlienSinister
  18. Hi RustEZ! Happy new year! I did a bad thing today .. Not that i wanted to do it or say it in a bad way but.. I was playing and messing arround whit my buddies on EU Survival, a new friend joined the server to join our team and we where all having fun in front of my base when i had just finish the Sharing and Crafting Center. Its a place to all players to use like Comunity Center. Two of my team members was at my base whit the new player, he was naked runing after i giving him a little boost since he just was starting the game like tools ,cloths and food. After that he was goin to a team members house, to place a Sleepingbag, when he was runing i said him.... "run nigga run" in Team chat and i got instabanned.. I would never say that in a serious way.. Im not a racist person :( im sorry if i miss the respect to others... Wasent intencional.. I will never say that again. Not even in a funny way...Sry for the massive text..Missing the server already.. hope to join your great server soon.. Cheers!! (Sorry for the erros in language..)
  19. US Survival ChukyNewell's 11:50 am you were warned about loaded sam sites not being allowed. ammo was removed, you then reloaded the sam, which then took out a player flying by in a mini copter. You ignored a direct warning from an admin.
  20. Hi, i was banned for using a word in the private chat that was offensive. I'm really sorry for saying the word and i promise it wont happen again. This is my very first Rust server and i really enjoyed playing it with my friend. Thank you
  21. I said a word I shouldn't have, You can see the log, it wasn't aimed at anybody was in a private group chat. Obviously I've not made this mistake before and won't again. I don't really want to take my friends and people joining next wipe and try find another server, so I would appreciate it if you saw my intent was not to be malicious. Thank You.
  22. I had a house, with TC, was upgraded wood, wooden door with simple lock. Upon returning to the game, I found myself trapped in a totally different house with code lock. My house and my items disappear completely. There was nothing, just a screen on the wall that read "2019". I wonder how this happened. There is no trace of who it may have been.
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