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About Me

  1. I was banned for Racism by Rayne. I'm pretty sure that it was because of my friend's garage that had pictures of the confederate flag and a certain white supremist group. I myself did not create those but I lived next door in a house with absolutely nothing racist. I'm very sorry about this and will make sure it never is caused again me or any of my friends. I wish to come back to my favorite community on Rust. I understand if you decide to keep the ban. Thank you for your time (whoever reads this).
  2. I was banned from RustEz Pure PvE AU for naming my sleeping bag something inappropriate im a am sorry to the rustez community im not a racist person and wish for my ban to be appealed i will never do something like that again
  3. Well I was playing with my friend on the EU Pure Pve server and i bought some cassettes (for personal use) and i named one of them N-word as a joke. I didnt mean to offend anyone ( like i said earlier I bought that cassette only for personal use). Im not a racist person and i would never call anyone N-word in real life. I really enjoy playing on your sever and will never do such stupid things again. I hope I could get and unban.
  4. Good evening, I wanted to ask you if you could remove my ban from your Rust Server. I want to appologise sincerly! My friends are on the server and they can confirm too that I feeling remorse for my actions. If you want another statement please contact DinoNuggys on Discord or Steam. I'm just asking for a second chance. I won't do it again! Greetings LuraxPlays/Louis!
  5. Hi All, I don’t think many would remember me but I was banned a little over a year ago from the RustEZ Au Pure server. I hope that those few who do remember me reminisce on the fun times we had and not for my foolish actions. I am writing this morning in the hope that I could be welcomed back into this wonderful community. I truly believe I have learnt my lesson and certainly wouldn’t make the same mistakes. I have learnt alot and believe I have changed for the better as a person. I would greatly appreciate your time in reviewing my case. If nothing else, I appreciate the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet some more anew. Warm Regards, B1ackhawk307
  6. 1 not make anything by me in the game one player coming to me and get me the item 2 have all clipt for this the user com to mi and ofensen me with the speak (fucking you) fucking albania) and more of thes. 3 All make by me is come to one mision with this friend and on this mision come and oe other player this killing by the mision bot and my friend pickup the intem of this player this player write in the chat give my ammo i telling it the cordinats to get back it not coming, after this this user follow me and shoting my helicopter and killing me and my friend all the game play is whith video im livestreamer and sent here the link of video . https://trovo.live/s/RildoGaming/549774185309?vid=ltv-104539875_104539875_387702306949531529 this is the link from the frist to the finish game.
  7. Spidar


    Not sure why I got banned. I loaded into the server and immediately recieved a ban for "racism". I do not recall ever playing this server before and I have not been banned from any servers under that reason before.
  8. Sergiu


    I got banned for bug abuse and I want to get unban to play with my friends.
  9. Sorry I was at the loo and my friend decided it would be a good decition to rename a camp bed n***** very sorry I hope I can be unbanned
  10. Offender: I"M BATMAN (battlemetrics ) (SteamID ) Server: US Scourge Time: 3:57 AM 11th of September, 2022 Length: permanent Reason: raiding More Info (Optional): Screenshots available upon staff request.
  11. Offender: Banana Dong (battlemetrics ) (SteamID ) Server: US Scourge Time: 11:54 AM CST Length: permanent Reason: raiding and theft More Info (Optional): player claimed a decaying farm base around 10:04 PM on 11th of September, 2022, by placing his own TC there and a bed. Player spent over an hour removing and rearranging items owned by the previous tenant. Screenshots available upon staff request.
  12. Offender: Billie Eilish STEAM BM Server: US Survival Time: 7:06 PM EST Length: Perm Reason: Theft and Attempted Theft More Info (Optional): More given if requested.
  13. I was trying to get wood then i froze and got banned
  14. Akio

    Unban me

    I just wanna. Appeals my unban what reason I got ban is Messing around another player and I’m not a racist person
  15. Offender: Parallax ( battlemetrics ) ( SteamID ) Server: US Scourge Time: 11:18 AM CST on 4th of September, 2022 Length: permanent Reason: theft More Info (Optional): screenshots available upon staff request
  16. Darks


    I try to join servers but it kicks in instantly for language, I don't even wake up and I'm booted. 'Disconnected: Kicked: You've been banned by SERVER for Language. (Expires never) Appeal at rustez.com/bans' I've never played on any rustez sever before that I can remember so I'm confused Any help appreciated
  17. Good morning/afternoon/evening RustEZ. I was auto-banned for server language. I created a car key for my buddy - and let me preface this with WE ARE HOMOSEXUALS - and so I named the car key "f****t access key" (yeah...). I know this language can be offensive, and it has in fact been used to offend me in the past, but it wasn't going into chat and would only have been seen by my good friend who knows we're only joking and wouldn't find it upsetting. (whats the good of getting called something all your life if you cant joke about it) I know this sounds lame, but I didn't know this would be an automatic permanent ban for giving a key w/ note with this language to my friend. I also understand that if I were to be calling anyone else this it would without a doubt deserve a permanent ban. I'd hate to be called that by anyone, which is why I didn't use chat to convey this message to my friend. If we need to call my friend to the witness stand, I can subpoena him. Again, I apologize. Yours truly, nate p.s. i can post my grindr profile if you need any further evidence of homosexuality
  18. Please Unban, was banned automatically within my first hour of playing the game. Didn't realise that there was an automatic ban filter for Profanity / Racism ETC. Thanks. WhoCanMake
  19. Im truly sorry for my usage of words. it was not meant to be directed at anyone but i still should not have used those words. i was not thinking and i just put it in I should have known better and it WONT happen again, i assure you.
  20. I was being dumb and thought I was funny that I renamed a bag to the Nword. I just wanted to try and see if I can get the ban lifted.
  21. I just launched the server and before i could even move was banned for racism have no idea why i have never been here before.
  22. Hi all some of you probably remember me from my days back on rustez that I was not always the most friendly and talk down to some admins, but for that I am sorry that is my past I am now older and have learnt a lot of life tips and aggression control tips to be able to be a better person. I feel so terrible for how I treated some people in my past but I am hoping for a fresh start and to make some new friends along the way so I please hope that you take this into consideration before declining this for I do not want my past self to ruin the community as it once did. I look forward to hearing about the appeal and hope you seek forgiveness of me but as always enjoy your day>
  23. sorry for what i did i did not mean to it was a long time ago i love this world and wish to keep on playing i will not use bad language
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