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About Me

  1. I said the word spook and got banned for racism
  2. Hey, I was banned last December I believe for toxicity. I apologize for that. I am trying to get unbanned and I will not being toxic and will follow all server rules.
  3. I was putting engine parts in a car when a guy pulled up jumped out of his car and ran up the hill, I jumped in the car thinking it was one of my friends when the guy who's car it was jumped in the passenger seat but I couldn't hear him, I wasn't trying to break his car and was gonna get out so he could get it back once I realised what had more then likely just happened. I couldn't hear anyone and was trying to get u guys to come to my friend so he could explain, why I jumped back in the car as it wasn't far.
  4. me and my friend were drawing penis on signs we were jus trolling and it got a lil outta hand this was a few months ago and i promise we wont do it again
  5. Offender: CAMT1ME Server: US Survival Time: 10:55 PM EST Length: Permanent Reason: Raiding and looting. Picking stuff up with a salvaged hammer that wasn't his.
  6. Please allow me to apologize for what I did today. My behavior was extremely inappropriate, immature, and lacked the respect you deserved. It was a disruption to the community and should have never happened. It was embarrassing, but I learned that nobody appreciated my poor behavior. In the future, I have every intention of curbing my thoughtless actions and learn to adjust my behavior befitting the server. Again, I am sorry for my actions and I hope that we can put this matter behind us. I look forward to maybe enjoying this great server and seeing you again monitoring the server. If you have any thoughts on this, please feel free to tell me how I can adjust myself. For the past few months I have had severe depression from my family falling apart. I had failed high school and dropped out. My dad is in jail for domestic abuse and my mom is not here anymore, she disappeared one day. My grandma is the only thing I have to live for, but the rust server really helps to distract me. I was not myself at the time and that I will work hard to make sure it doesn't happen again. Sometimes my temper gets the better of me, especially when I'm stressed, pressured or busy during work. I know that that is no excuse, though, and that you deserve to be treated in a respectful manner. My life in high school felt like torture to me. I was bullied constantly for being homosexual, my best friends had left me to join the bullies. Me talking to my partners during pride month had made this week one of my happiest. Playing with them on your rust server also made this week amazing. Please accept my deepest apologies for my mistake in regard to stealing and losing a scrap helicopter and for the uncalled disrespect I gave to the admin handling the situation. If there was any good that came out of this unfortunate experience, it is that I have grown and learned alternative approaches to these situations. I’m sorry for disrespectful behavior. I can see that my behavior and attitude was hurtful and totally unnecessary. You did not deserve to be on the receiving end of my actions. I am normally not like this. While I am not excusing myself from my immature actions, I believe I acted the way I did because of need for attention. Sincerely, Dylan Patel. (Vi.Dylan)
  7. Offender: Findus (Battlemetrics) (Steam) Server: US Scourge Time: 5:28 PM EST Length: 1 day Reason: Griefing and player harassment More Info (Optional): Player took issue with another person's base that had spotlights on it. Instead of asking for an admin to take a look, they took matters into their own hands, building a huge tower next to the build. They then set up over 16 spotlights, set to flash on and off, as well as 10+ foggers, 10+ spooky speakers, 15+ strobe lights, all going off constantly. I lost count trying to make note of them all, and it took me over 20 minutes to find them all and turn them off.
  8. Hey im on a team with Hutto, i picked the car key up off his body and got banned after like 2 seconds, i didnt know what was on they key
  9. Sic_85 is changing all the locks on a team base.... this is ridiculous. I want my things back from the H18 base.
  10. so I tried to connect and see that I am banned for racism my account was hijacked today around 7pm EST I just got my account back 4-5 hours later, can show proof
  11. hi i was banned by the auto ban because i pressed N instead of B as you will see from the chat post said BUTTER in giant letters so i ment to write if butter gets any BIGGER its going to fold the fabric of the universe..... it was meant to be a B not with an N..... i have already been banned for wrong use of that word when talkin to someone else in a nice way not bad so i know not to say that it was a slip of the finger... B and N are right next to each other on the keyboard so it was a harmless mistake ... i do apoligise and it was not meant to happen i love your server i dont want to be banned
  12. Hi, Can I appeal a ban I got for using the word "snigger" a few minutes ago please - it has been picked up as racism. I see why, but it is incorrect. It is used to indicate a chuckle at someone, which was the intent of my comment at the time. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/snigger Cheers GenProx
  13. Offender: O4f Tony Montana (Steam) (Battlemetrics) Server: AU Pure Time: 4:30pm AEST Length: Permanent Reason: Abusing an admin More Info: Player had been approached by me regarding his base being very large and causing lag in the area. Had requested that the base be brought down in size and upgraded if possible as it was a very large twig structure. Player is from Argentina and was having language difficulties understanding / comprehending what was asked and logged out. Player was playing with another player who he was teamed with. This player proceeded to remove the base as he understood the issues with it, and was going to discuss with this player. Player then logged back in today and proceeded to abuse myself for his base being gone. Repeated attempts were made to get him to speak to his team-mate about it (in Spanish as well via Google Translate by another admin) as he was also on - but he proceeded to continue to throw abusive comments to myself instead. We let this go as long as possible as there was an initial issue with understanding the problem initially discussed - but after 10 mins of this continuing despite attempts to resolve the issue we had no choice but to implement a ban as abusing admins (or any player for that manner) is not acceptable. Logs of comments made and attempts to discuss with him are available upon request.
  14. Offender: Horsing_People (Battlemetrics) (Steam) Server: AU Pure Time: 10:30pm AEST Length: Permanent Reason: Stealing More Info: 1) Player was observed with another player (Kuma Kuma) hanging around a base after other player had been told to keep away by an admin (due to being seen trying to enter through exploit (lack of TC coverage)). Told to not go near other peoples bases. 2) Player was warned for entering a players structure and looking through all unsecured boxes. 3) Player was found to have participated in stealing items from player bases along with Kuma Kuma - items were found in their joint base.
  15. This might not be a ban or anything but I can’t find any of the servers for some reason. I haven’t been on since the summer and I think maybe I’ve been perm banned since then for some reason but I have no real way of telling. If I have I’d like to know at the very least.
  16. i would like to appeal for my 30 day ban that i got yesterday im banned for looting chests and taking over a tc the base i found was open and the chests were all half empty i admit it took some materieals . i am playing rust since a few months and allways solo i put a lock on the tc for Xenowolf and deauthorised myself i dont mean him harm and i thought since hes still the owner he would still be able to use it i can give him the materials i took back and im really sorry -Alpakason
  17. I picked up a note off of my friend and was banned for racism.
  18. Someone enclosed my public lift and locked it, the nstole all the lot i had stored for public. nbd i was ment to be taken. he took thousands of supply tho. then when i should up he dodged and said thanks for the lift. pls ban asap
  19. I tried to join your server a few days ago but got a ban message. I do not remember what I did or even playing. But apparently I glitched into someone's base and stole items. I have no memory of being on this server but I have played on other PvE servers and could refrain from stealing. I am not the same as I was back in 2018, the reported ban year. I would like to play on the server and I apologize for my actions. Here is a link to the ban report I was given: https://rustez.com/forums/topic/1917-futascholar-banned/
  20. Offender: FutaScholar (76561198251390522) Time: 5/19/18 00:36:52 Length: Permanent Reason: Base Raiding / Stealing More Info: Glitched into base to raid and steal
  21. Hello, I was autobanned because I tried to rename a sleeping bag of my friend with the word 'niglet'. Didn't assume I was getting a indefinte ban for that, and no I aint a big no no racist or something, was suppose to be an inside joke. Thanks in advance.
  22. Offender:CeZZeR Steam Server:EU Pure Time: 6:52 AM EST Length: Perm. Reason: Stole control over a shop / vending machine that had a small lapse in TC coverage. Admitted this in chat fully knowing the rules. Additionally, found evidence of him trying to take over someone else's base. More Info: Player is well aware of the rules, and willfully did what he did, and bragged about it in chat. 1st image is of the TC they placed to steal control of someone's vending building. 2nd gives time stamp of when he accessed it. 3rd and 4th are another player's base he attempted to take control over. Last image shows his chat log of the incident with the vending building.
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