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Found 7 results

  1. I was not trying to be disrespectful i had been harrased all day the day i got banned i was a bit toxic but never super toxic i got banned after i left because i had been overwellmed and i was going to throw up do to the fact i was so worked up.So i got up and left right as i was talking to a admin i never was trying to dissrespect her i was having a panick attack. i never wanted this to happen someone was scamming me i didnt know what to do. I made a wrong choice and im sorry. I was banned by @alexanightfire
  2. Hi, for those who aren't aware, my username is a quote/joke from Dave Chappelles standup bit about Rick James Someone on the AU rust server quoted Dave Chapelle in chat, and I responded with the quip "fuck yo couch n*gga", which is a direct quote from Dave Chappelle. I got an instant permanent ban from the server for racism, unaware the "N word" would autoban me. I am aware of the rules on server about racism, but I'm not in any way trying to be racist, having dealt with it enough in my life offline as an ethnic minority. I'm on the Rustez servers because I'm sick of the toxicity of the usual Rust PvP servers, and I'm trying to contribute to the community positively, and did not realise that the N word would be misconstrued as racism by the autoban, as there was genuinely no malice behind my use of it in a quote. I'm fully aware of its negative connotations and that it can be a hurtful word to certain demographics (various other ethnic slurs have been thrown at me in real life, and I know firsthand how it can sting even without any malice behind them), but in this case, given that I foolishly used it in a part of a quote in reference to my username, I'm hoping for my ban to be lifted. EDIT for clarity I was using the "non-hard R version of the word, both accurate to the quote, and specifically because I'm aware of the use of the "-er" variation of the N word as a racial slur. I did not realise that the colloquialism "-a" variation of this word would be considered racism, especially in the context that it was used. It was not used to bypass the racism filter, as I hadn't even intended for it to be a racial attack at anyone. After having read the rules and other ban appeals more thoroughly, if my ban is lifted, I'll be extremely careful not to use this or any variant of any words that might be considered racial slurs in the future, irrespective of the context.
  3. was banned for bad language but i didn't even type anything in chat or on a note or name any sleeping bags
  4. So in the game I said “I can find any ducking boats” “faggot” which I was referring to the boats. On my other server you could say faggot and etc. just not the n word. Can I please get an unban and I won’t do it again
  5. Offenders: Fitzy Rustchance.com & K1ddin' Rustchance.com Server: EU PURE Length: 7 Days Reason: Looting a base through a door open in the roof and emptying the entire lot
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