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    Car locks and slot machines

    With just two weeks before the expected release of modular vehicles, the team is trucking along on functionality, fixes, and improvements.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Car locks

    What good would a car be if you couldn’t secure it? Thankfully, car locks have been added this week, allowing players to better protect their vehicles. 

    The process of adding a lock is pretty straightforward. Simply put the vehicle on a lift, and use the UI to add the lock for 75 frags. From the same menu you can create keys and remove locks as well. 

    With regards to keys, you can see their ID on the UI and even add a note to help identify each one. Possession of a valid key is now required to start any car with a lock. Players with no key will be able to sit in the driver seat, however, they will be unable to drive. At the moment, it appears the car goes into neutral when in the driver seat.

    Fuel can still be stolen without a key. Players may also still push a car without a key. This means you actually can push a car onto a lift to then remove the lock or create a key. Expect some shifts and additions to this system prior to it going live with the modular vehicles. We’ll keep you posted as work progresses.


    Door key changes

    The new system for key IDs and notes added to the modular vehicles has also shifted keys for base doors. Such keys will now also have the ability to add a note and display their ID on the UI.

    Slot machines incoming

    Gamblers of rust will rejoice to find out that slot machines are on the horizon. Although still on a separate branch, the slot machine functionality is well underway. This week it appears the deposit and payout functionality has been put in place. As expected, scrap will be the currency of choice when it comes to this game of chance. We’ll be sure to post more info as it becomes available. 

    Animal skin progress

    Another sneak peek of the new animal skins was posted on the Facepunch Instagram. After seeing the new wolf and bear last week, the new model of deer was added the other day. No word on when we’ll see these in game, but it is confirmed these new animals will not only feature new textures, models, and fur, but also have new animations and eventually a reworked AI. Nice!


    Other stuff

    • Updated triangle grill and ladder hatch bounds (Fixes damage not applied when hit on the edges)

    • Added dof_toggle and dof_debug_toggle commands for easier input binding

    • Added mouse-base car steering while holding Crouch. Not very good for general use - intended to be used for making smooth-looking cinematics.

    • Added 'carwrecks' var. Setting to false makes modular cars gib right away, bypassing the "wrecked" state.

    • Added carsdropiloot convar, can be set to false to stop modular cars dropping storage items on death

    • Fix steering lerp bug that was messing with steering at high speeds. A couple of other high-speed adjustments.

    • More work on HDRP and the console version

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