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  • that would be most delightfull @Granny i think it would prevent theft and all sorts of other hassles the admins have to deal with. Thanks for reply. 
    I've seen this to be the case ever since the Giant Excavator buff (from FP) and the instancing of it on EU Scourge. Which is very neat! But the amount of stone that has been produced with it through some players has been insane. It's so easy to buy tons & tons of Diesel Fuel with Low Grade Fuel at Outpost that you can just dump the GE full and wait for it all to come in.   Another suggestion with that could be to potentially limit (or remove in extreme situations) the ability to bu
    A lock for snow mobiles would be cool too. 🙂
    Other than twig decay, I think the only way is to "slow down" builds by reducing the amount of resources from PJs, Excavator and Quarries. If players can build a huge Karen tower, full HQM, by day 2 of wipe, then yeah of course we're gonna have performance issues if it's that easy. Reducing the amount of resources extracted would mean : Some players will end up building somewhat smaller. Some players will still build big, but it will take more time. Therefore delaying perfo
    While making tables and machines for gambling available to our players is an amazing idea, the problem is that spawning/creating new gambling machines and tables on the maps have been shown to cause issues on the back end of the servers. This can add to the potential for server breaking issues.  We want to encourage players to make use of the currently available machines on the map, or, create your own! We enjoy seeing the creativity! 
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