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    Charitable Rust starts today!

    12:00pm EST - The day has finally arrived - Charitable Rust will kick off later today! This year we’ve got an amazing main event server running the whole week along with custom events, great prize giveaways, and a star studded cast of your favorites streamers participating throughout the week - all to raise money to provide education and build schools for underprivileged kids around the world. 100% of the proceeds this year will be going to Pencils of Promise. 

    We’ll be kicking it all off at 3pm EST on the Rustafied Twitch channel by giving an overview of the events this week, playing some races, giving away some prizes, and then hopping into some Hunger Games (one of our several totally new, totally custom game play modes for Charitable).

    You can join in too by searching our Charitable Rust servers on the official list. The Main event server will be up 24/7 with races, parkour, mazes, PvP arenas and more! Our 4 other custom gameplay modes will go live twice a day - check out or schedule of events for more details.


    Charitable Rust trailer

    To get a better sense of some of what’s in store for this week, check out this epic Charitable Rust trailer from Puddy.

    Development news

    So Charitable Rust is great and all, but what’s going on in development news? Well, it’s going to be a light week in me going through what’s going on in development. One, because there isn’t much to show off in development this week - much of the work is on longer term projects which have yet to hit staging. Two, cause we’re working our asses off on Charitable Rust, and I’m short on time!

    That said, he’s a bullet list summary of development news for this week. I’ll be back next week with a more in depth update summary post as you are accustomed to.

    • First person legs are coming (along with censor cubes on the leg cocks)

    • Lots of work on instruments - should be any time now

    • Modular vehicle work

    • Added "Copy Text" to chat popup menu to copy a chat message to the system clipboard

    • Some improvements to debug camera

    • Fixed footsteps missing / stop when the player is culled

    • Tweaks to Turret weapon reloading and target handling

    • Can't steal building-blocked christmas tree decorations

    • Fixed Spas12 weird worldmodel

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