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    Close look at new biome updates, mounting and optimizations


    Further progression on Mountables branch this week with improvements and a new feature! Players will be able to rotate their camera around while sitting. If you don't follow updates Rust is adding the ability for players to sit in chairs to decrease crafting times. Although it was set to release on 9-14 it was quickly removed before final due to possible exploits in the system. It's unclear whether or not it will be included in this update.


    Snow Biome Revamps

    The first batch of biome overhauls is starting to become visible in this weeks update with progression on the new snow biome overhaul adding in a frozen lake, improved textures and natural landmarks spread throughout the new biomes. We can plan to see these new changes and further progression on other biomes next wipe (October 5th.)



    More optimizations will make it in this week which includes improved serialization cache for world generation which entails for better performance and server stability.

    Bug Fixes
    Flashlight attachment no longer shows gun shadows all over the place

    Eating raw fish no longer makes the player puke
    More progress on the new arm cleanup

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