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    New mini-game, falling trees and more!

    New mini-game and animation for trees

    A new mini-game for harvesting trees will be added today as well as a fall animation when harvested to further improve the look and feel of the game. Trees can also be knocked down with the use of explosives and Instead of glowing orbs for the mini-game trees will be marked with an which grants yield bonuses for participation.




    Improved Build Zone

    Changes to building zones coming later this month that works by associating interlinking foundations with a single cupboard emitting the build zone which allows players to block off an entire base using just one tool cupboard.




    Rocket Factory Progress

    Several rocket factory improvements coming this month such as improved textures, lighting, LOD fixes, as well as new room additions and more parkour courses to explore.




    Other Changes

    • Hair Fixes
    • EAC Update
    • Navmesh tweaks
    • Collision fixes

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