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    New player models, LR-300 buff, Barbecue and more!


    Barbeque Added

    Do you smell that? Barbecues have been officially released allowing players to cook multiple stacks of food at once! This will be added as a default blueprint and takes 100 wood and 40 metal frags to craft.


    Attachment positioning

    An issue that has been around for awhile should now finally be fixed which is weapon attachment positioning sometimes clipping on or off the weapon emitting screen clutter.



    New player models

    New player models are finally rolling out this week including new skin tones, facial features and general characteristics to give each player their own appearance. This, unfortunately, will not be a character reroll but you can expect some great new addition to the models in the near future.



    LR-300 Buffed

    The rate of fire for the LR-300 has been increased by 10% and is now skinnable! Although we might not see any new skins for the item in the near future in time we'll have plenty to choose from.



    Workbench Tweaks

    Some higher tier items no longer require you to be in the radius of your workbench to craft which allows you to leave your base while said items are crafting. Some items such as the Python and ladder hatch are now tier 2 items and now require a tier 2 workbench to craft.



    Snow biome revamp

    We're seeing more progress on the new snow biome revamps including improved icebergs and ice sheets this week. Although they will not be released this week it's a great look forward to all of the biome improvements soon to come!


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