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    New tips, mini-games, icebergs, EAC Fix, and DX9 EOL - Rust Updates


    Rust Updates #169
    This weeks update includes new tips, UI menu improvements, DX9 end of life, a new minigame and Iceberg progression. Find out more on all these topics down below in this weeks RustEZ guide to Dev Blod #169.

    New Mini-game
    This weeks update has introduced some unique changes into the game including a "node mini-game" which simulates the player mining for actual precious metals while also granting increased yield and cutting the time it takes to mine a node in half. This seems to add a different perspective to farming, however, the time it takes to navigate a node to find the sparkle doesn't seem too cost efficient unless you're using primitive tools or even a rock.

    DX9 EOL
    Although OpenGL is by far the better choice, Rust will always default to DX and instead, use OpenGL as a fallback in the event the machine running it cannot operate using DX. Because of this Face Punch has opted to replace DX9 support with OpenGL just as a fallback method.

    EAC Update
    Chances are you've already encountered the "EAC Disconnect" This occurs when your client stops communication to EAC servers causing an authentication rejection. EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) is an integrated 3rd-party system used to prevent top-level bots, overlays and of course the infamous AHK (auto hot key.) Although it's easily bypassed it provides a relatively safe environment for PvP players.

    Menu UI Improvements
    New UI additions have been added to the games launch menu adding a Find Game and an exit confirmation because we all know easy it is to hit the exit button rather than the settings cogwheel.

    Though they will not be available this update it seems FacePunch has made forward progression on bringing back icebergs into the game. No real information about the change has been provided so we'll leave it at that.

    Minor Changes
    Now for the tedious and minor changes majority of players will most likely not even notice.

    • Item description changes.
    • Campfires now displace grass.
    • Grass now displaces around nodes.
    • Grass has been scaled down 10%.
    • The size of nodes has been decreased for better performance.
    • Nodes found in snow biomes are now easier to see and differentiate.
    • Metal nodes now show more oxidation.

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