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    New vehicles, updated foliage, mountable chairs and more!


    A new addition to the mountable branch has been revealed this week and is set to release in today's update. This new addition is a rusty four-door sedan that can only be spawned in by an admin at this time. Further progress has been mentioned but not in the near future and its implementation is merely for testing to see how Rust can adapt to vehicles and how it will affect gameplay.

    To test the new vehicles yourself, assuming you're an admin or have a LAN server, type spawn sedan in the console to spawn the newly-added 4-door sedan. To enter the vehicle press  E on the driver-side door and use the controls WASD to operate the vehicle.

    252490_20170921103411_1 (1).png

    Foliage Visuals

    Visual improvements for foliage are rolling out in today's update with a noticeable difference in the look, feel and length of the newly updated textures. One of many biome improvements soon to come.


    Mountable Chairs

    Set to release the last update, Rust opted into pulling it from the final build due to possible exploits which are now patched and players can expect to see them in today's update!

    To sit in a chair, walk up to it and press ‘E’. Sitting provides 100% comfort and lets you look around freely. To stand up, simply press spacebar.


    EAC Improvements

    Several changes to the EAC SDK have been made recently including a brand new wrapper. Upon loading the game you will be greeted with a redesigned EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) launcher.



    • Dropped maps now despawn in 30 seconds (exploit fix)
    • Fixed thrown weapons and arrows disappearing on impact when hitting entities
    • Flashlight attachment no longer shows gun shadows all over the place
    • Eating raw fish no longer makes the player puke
    • Added Shadow Quality slider to Graphics menu
    • Added graphics.shadowquality convar; 0 = low / hard, 1 = med / soft, 2 = high / soft+penumbra


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