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  • Death

    Sedan headlights, twig nerf, permanent maps and socket improvements!

    Sedan Improvements

    Since its implementation, Sedan will be getting a few cosmetic and function improvements this week such as improved colliders (No more crashing into hemp bushes) as well as working head, and tail lights. You can toggle the Sedan's lights by pressing F.


    Buildzone Improvements

    Players can no longer place twig stairs in restricted build zones and instead can now only place twig foundations and foundation walls. This change is to improve the quality of base defenses such as high walls, barricades and spike traps as players can no longer bypass them using raid stairs.


    Stone Gate Improvements

    The high external stone gate has been updated to include more barbs and panels around the side as well as a faster door animation.


    Default Map

    Maps can no longer be crafted and instead, players will have one by default without the need of having it in their inventory. This will allow players to maintain alterations such as markers, notes, and doodles in addition to freeing up an inventory slot and eliminating the need to have to craft them every respawn.


    Socket Improvements

    • Salvaged shelves can now be placed over existing boxes.
    • Furnaces, chests, and fridges can now be picked up using the hammer.
    • Furnace craft price reduction.
    • Large furnaces can now be spawned under floor grills.



    • Wooden ladders can be stacked to 5
    • Can repair damaged ladders
    • Can stack items that have condition if their condition is maxed out
    • Raw and spoiled meat no longer goes straight to belt when picked up
    • Updated grass materials
    • AI Progress
    • Fixed shadow quality change from 0 to 2

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