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  • AGAIN Missing LGF

    Iggy Cotton
    • Closed

    It would appear, THIS Time, That the restart or something dealing with the restart('s) this morning.. My Quarry was emptied of all remaining LGF and a portion from my Pumpjack was found gone... Between the 2 it looks like around 25K was lost/removed at that time... The amount of material mined by quarry in my storage shows a loss of material equal (roughly) to the time sever is shown to be down on BattleMetrics... I give up.  I pay to play and IT'S always something... And I'm guessing it's not only me..  But it's really getting old.  This Month has been the worst on my end and what bothers me the most... Is the fact it's repetitive.. and I try to do you folks a service by reporting these occurrences, which makes me feel like I'm wining over minutia ...

    Priority: Medium Server: Survival

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