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    So i have a bunch of lights that use to turn on instantly when daisy chained together.  Now they turn on sequence.  You can even turn them off and on while half the lights are on and off.  Its a cool effect i guess, but it messes with a lot of circuits like concentric heli lights.  or any like lights that flash and should flash at the same time (that doesn't happen .. they flash in sequence) so for example .. simple circuit ,  power source > switch > 4 blue flashing lights ... (normally they would all flash together ; now they flash in sequence instead of 1,1,1,1, 2,2,2,2, .  they now go 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 ) if that makes sense.  Attached is a video ..   Keep in mind on the left where i am focusing is a table that was an after thought.  So the lights were wired together in the order that perceived except for kitchen lights (cause they were an after thought and were wired LAST

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    and now its back ; what im gathering from the rustricity discord is this is someone using mem cell very rapidly or something like this and it causes it to send electrical updates to the server , flooding it faster than it can receive.  Once whomever turns this crazy circuit off, it will slowly go back to normal.  I've never noticed this to ever be a problem until today.

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    I think , cant confirm that the problem is caused by using a mem cell to power lights and then using the lights to reset the mem cell ( a bunch of them too) .. specifically in question is Treveman's disco house in J20 ..  I dont know for SURE that this is the cause ..but those mem cells are moving very VERY fast.  Apparently it causes flooding of electrical updates ,causing them to lag behind ..  I dont know if this problem could cause further problems. (as in crashing the whole server or something , i doubt but maybe; maybes its just like the sound subsystem .. the sound just stops working when people go crazy with air drops (as an example)

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