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  • Outpost and Bandit drone stations not locked to purchasing player

    a 3/0 sc lauan
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    had a report on US Pure of the drone stations not locking to an individual player after purchasing items, and that the player was able to access other's stations and see the items they bought.  

    wasnt sure if this was just a modification to the game mechanic or not, so logging it here! 

    Priority: Low Server: Pure

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    had this on AU Scourge.

    player had been afk after purchase and the other player said the game lagged when opening and that's when they saw contents and the name of the buyer.

    Wasn't sure if it became unlocked after x amount of time passing.

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    • Staff

    Don't quote me on it but I beleive they do unlock after some time has past. I'll do some research to see if I can find out how long that timer is if there is infact one.

    UPDATE: I have found this information from vanilla.


    Once the drone has returned to the market terminal, your items will be deposited in that terminal’s storage. The computer screen will continue to display your name and hold onto your things exclusively for 10 minutes.


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