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Mister Bumbles

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So, some of you know me , some don't!

I've lost a little over 110 lbs in the last 3 years.  But then I stalled out.  Frustrating when that happens.  There was a string of deaths in the family and I stopped trying so hard.   But now I'm getting back on it, starting swimming to lose weight this week.  And because I'd let my hair grow long over the last two years (for the first time in my life), it had gotten down past my shoulders.  I was trying for the Viking kind of thing.

But common sense stepped forward and I decided to cut the hair off!

So this was taken a few months ago.

And this is the new me to make swimming easier to deal with :)


Anywho.   I'm a gamer in my down-time (which is a lot of time, since I'm currently unemployed as I work on my health and try to get in decent enough shape to have a few surgeries to repair the knees and spine and a few other things I screwed up over the years from various accidents.

I build my own computers, I love photography, and the outdoors (and of course, shiny things).

I used to drive a limited edition, turbo-charged VW Beetle named "Sting". 

And now I drive a really nifty little 2011 Ford Transit Connect van named "BUMBLES"....

And then, some other samples of my photography.





Anyway.  There is me in a nutshell.   Nerd, photographer, lover of shiny things, random cuddler of small furry critters and big hairy people alike. =)
Oh, yeah, and I live in Washington State. The great pacific northwest!

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