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Banned: Zone and вяυν.мρ3

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Time: 8:27PM PST


  • Zone - 76561198175842178
  • вяυν.мρ3 - 76561198127522621

Reason: Boosting/Raiding

Length: Permanent

More Info: I've been keeping tabs on these two since they joined just about. Bruv had joined with the name hentai.mp3 and I had asked him to change it to something less sexual, he changed it to bentai.mp3 before settling on bruv.mp3. Zone and bruv were being toxic and rude to other players in chat, which I also told them to knock off. They then proceeded to try to step around the rules and basically see how much they could pester me with trollish behavior. This continued for maybe an hour or two, before the two of them ran off to boost onto a base's roof. Thankfully the roof was sealed, but boosting is boosting so I gave them a warning. They began to argue with me about it. They eventually continued on their journey and found another base, this time boosting off of a nearby rock. I informed bruv that this was still considered boosting, and the arguing returned. I blocked the spot they had been boosting on with the rock to prevent it while they were in the area. Both zone and bruv eventually died of hunger and I broke the blockade I had placed. They then returned and bruv did it again, I teleported him up a hill from it and re-placed my blockade. He then used a racial slur in chat and I delivered a mute. While bruv was muted, zone attempted to say it was admin abuse but didn't argue further once I said his friend had dodged the language filter. Zone and bruv proceeded to jump around the base, clearly attempting to boost into it elsewhere. Just after bruv's mute wore off, they had boosted in and I swung immediately.


The first boosting incident:

Censored by me, but what caused the mute:
нєитαι.мρ3: *****, i aint taking anything other than water


I can add the arguing about boosting in here if need be, it's just a lot of repetition for the most part though there is this highlight when I put the blockade up initially:

нєитαι.мρ3: you cant do that
MeowfulMint: and you can't boost
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