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Banned: ProFire and Ghost Nappa

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Time: 12:51PM PST

Length: Permanent

More Info: Both were two kids pestering a player on the server. They kept threatening to raid him with c4 and such despite that not being legal nor being possible. I told them to leave the player alone and they continued to hit him with rocks, and then hit me with rocks. I gave one last warning for ProFire since he had been harassing players earlier. He did not listen, so I banned him first. Ghost left the building briefly and I went invisible again. Ghost returned and resumed their antics. I gave a final warning and then banned Ghost as well.


10:38 AM Ben: no

10:38 AM West_Sage: NO... ProFire...no

10:38 AM MeowfulMint: ? 

10:39 AM West_Sage: he has been following me and Ben around for the past 15 mins hitting us with what ever he has...

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