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Banned: 🖕ZFG🖕Volbind1

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Time: 10:35 AM PST

Length: Permanent

Reason: Raiding and Toxic Behavior

More Info: Within the first few days of this month’s game cycle, a player had alerted me that they were being raided via boosting. Volbind and his friends tried to explain that boosting was legal, which is when I intervened and said it wasn’t. They showed me that they had boosted off a water catcher and I said it wasn’t legal. They proceeded to return all the items..or so it seemed. The victim checked their stock after “all” was returned and found that he was still missing several stacks of fuel and other items. I looked in Volbind’s inventory and sure enough, it was filled to the max with everything that was missing. I retrieved what was stolen and gave a more stern warning, then parted ways.

Unfortunately since the incident, Volbind has focused on riding the line and stealing from any base he could. Up until now he stayed on the side of barely legal thievery. On a couple of incidents where the victim would confront him after he returned to a base he hit, he would respond in a toxic manner over voice chat. Toxicity isn’t tolerated here, even on RustEZ Casual.

Last night he managed to gain access to a quarry area via authorizing on an exposed tool cupboard, destroying it, placing a sleeping bag inside, spawning in the walls, looting anything not locked down (including cupboards), placed a box outside for depositing, and returned to get the spoils of his raiding venture. Destruction of property and the manner of which he gained access overall is raiding behavior, so I have proceeded forward with a ban.







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