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banned 「TBKs」AJMAC2388

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Offender: 「TBKs」AJMAC2388  (76561198081372129)

Server: US Pure

Time: 6:28 pm EST

Reason: Raiding, Looting, Base theft, attempted base destruction

Info: Offender Staked out base, Ran in when door was open, Authorized on the TC and began collecting players' items. offender then placed codelock on TC and demanded everyone to get out as I appeared, I then confronted Offender, giving a chance to redeem themselves, then offender began to have a tantrum, and removed the codelock. I opened inventory and began dropping inventory full of looted items on the floor. In a scramble to recollect items, Offender then became frustrated, equipped a C4 and planted it on the wall beside the players' storage chests. I deleted the c4 before detonation and another admin banned him before more c4 could be thrown. 

Majority of verbal conflict took place in voice chat. Everything happened in a span of about 2 minutes, and considering the circumstances, Not many in game screenshots were taken.

Proof: Below



chat 2.jpg


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