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Come join the fun at US Pure's event. Everyone is invited to join our Poker chip Run around the island! If you are not into boating, We will have plenty areas to hang out and enjoy the event festivities. 

When is it?

Time:          8:00pm EST(US) ***Changed to 7:30EST Feb 3rd, 2019***

Date:           February 2nd , 2019

Location:    US Pure Server

What do I bring?

Nothing, Everything from Tools, Food and Gear will be provided to you. Drop everything at a safe and secure location and Type /Event to get to location once it is announced.

Can we team up with friends?

Sure you can. If you choose to create a team, you will have to decide how the winnings will be split. There will not be extra prizes for teams. The prizes are by boat. 

What are the details of the event?

The poker Chip run will consist of five stops that will be strategically located around the map. Every stop will be accessible by boat and all of them will be within the visibility of the map. Because there will be vending machines at each of the locations, there will be "dummy" machines around the map that will dispense blank chips"Notes". The start point will be at Admin Island and that will be the location of the first chip draw. This will also be the ending location for all participants. 

Chips: For the purpose of our event, Chip colors (red, blue, and green) will be wrote out by admins on notes and shuffled. They will be placed randomly throughout 05 of the machines throughout the map. Each location that is part of the event will have a medium size yellow sign signafing that it is part of the event. Be aware, not all locations will have the Poker Chips in them. Each Poker Chip will have a color and a serial number to verify the integrity of a chip. This will minimize player created cards and fraud. 

How to obtain a poker chip: Each person will get 300 low grade fuel at the start point with the issuance of the boat (RHIB or Rowboat). This LGF will be used in the boat to get around the map as well as to use as currency (25) per machine.  You will also be given a tool to break barrels around the map to obtain more fuel. There will be no gathering or purchasing LGF on land other than on floating debris fields and admin structures marked with the yellow sign. Doing so will result in disqualification. Admins will make sure that there is a equal amount of fuel around the game area. This may include admins creating a foundation with a fuel box. 

Ending: once all boats have reached the end (Admin Island) we will have a drawing. The reason for this drawing is to get a point value on the 3 colors (red, blue, and green). The first color drawn will be worth 20 points, the second will be 10 points and the third will be 5 points. Each participant will add the points of all of the 5 chips that they have obtained throughout the game. Admins will verify the top 3 winning teams for prizes. 

What if there is a tie?

In the event of a tie in either of the 3 winning brackets or First, Second, or Third place, There will be a death match by boat in the arena located at Admin island. The last boat floating upright will be declared as the winner of that bracket. 

What are the Rules?

  • Must not attempt to duplicate a game chip "Note".
  • Must NOT step on land other that floating debris fields and Admin structures. (These will be marked with yellow signs)
  • Must loot from all of the vending machines at all 5 locations. Only loot once per location and no looting for other players. 
  • Must reach the end location at Admin Island.
  • No ramming or interfering with other participants in the event
  • All Server rules remain in effect throughout the event. 

What are the prizes?

1st Place:     $10 EZ Credit

2nd Place:      $5 EZ Credit

3rd Place:         5 Air Drops (after wipe)

Participation Gift of 1 Air Drop will be given to those who participated in the event.  Prizes can be given to you before or after Wipe on. Please remind us so we can arrange with the other admins from your server.



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