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Banned EU Pure π Wonder ツ

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Offender: π Wonder ツ
Server: EU Pure
Time: 21:02 GMT
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding/Looting/Griefing

Additional Info:

Called in to investigate theft from a players base. I find this players ID on loot logs. I TP'd to the player and witnessed them enter another players base and despawn all items inside. In the time it took me to take screen shots, I TP'd back to the offending player and caught them raiding another base. At this point I attempted to communicate with them. I TP'd them into a cage with me, and the player killed themselves to escape. After escaping from another admin they were kicked and advised to come back when they were willing to talk. Player rejoined server and spoke in voice chat with a Russian accent pretending they couldn't understand English. After advising the player I was aware of his location, his accent quickly turned British.

Player did not show any signs of accepting the rules and proceeded to become more vocally aggressive to admin. This behavior leads me to believe that they would repeat the offences again. At this point the decision was made to permanently ban them from the server.20190208203954_1.thumb.jpg.9f002c0fb94625f467206ccbb2831174.jpg20190208204328_1.thumb.jpg.ac29558321f2e4067d47447002ef1841.jpg20190208205849_1.thumb.jpg.572beae0f9867b1c55f129b926720017.jpg

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