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To all Pure PvE EU Players:


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Warist666 here, if you play on EU pure server and have been there more than 2 weeks then you might have seen me in chat. And although I'm usually a very kind approachable player, I admit I can be a little toxic.    :(

So I have ever caused any annoyance to you e.g Gringo and Sergio, I apologise. I know now, not to be an annoying toxic player. 

To the staff on that server: 

@heidi.knipping ( @dean.knipping too), @Breezer11 and most importantly @Flyand @Ben I am very sorry for being a pain in the backside and requiring action/input from you and probably wasting your time. Fly I appreciate the tonnes of help from you that you gave. And Ben the tolerance from you was far too great and far too kind so thank you. And Breezer I hope I didn't get on your Bad side because you were the first person to help me with my electronics and taught me lots.

 Sorry for the big annoyance and @sergioginni firstly sorry for the spam in chat, I understand. @Gringo sorry for being a twat to you. 

and @Death sorry for abusing your server rules! 

I can assure all admins I will no longer behave in a bad manner if I get the honour of playing again.

Thanks all. 

@Moundoul @Oclissa thanks for being the nicest people on the server. I joined when i was new to rust and you two were the best.   :)


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hello Warist and everyone, I read all comments in the other thread that Ben locked. I just want to tell you guys, that to me and Moundoul , Warist has been always gentle and nice, never called us with bad names, we also did some missions together and apart of this, telling my opinion and knowing that he did mistakes in the server we play, I think that he would deserve the last chance. Warist, please, just be careful on how you talk, it is a community of people that enjoy this fantastic game and being nice and kind is always a "must" when you play on line with other people. I'm sure you can do it, and I can tell because I never had a problem with you .. Don't know if this can help, but I wanted to tell to everyone, because to be part of a community means also that sometimes,if someone can do a mistake, and if there is a chance for this one to show that he got the lesson, then I'm ok with it to give him  another chance.


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