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Banned on Casual: ✪ ŁIҠ乇ﻪ乃ΘSs シ

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Time of Ban: 8/18/2019 3:30PM EST

Reason: Repeated rule violations. Player was warned against boosting, flying into player compounds, harassment, and told to read the server rules. Player then ignored rule about active SAM sites outside of purge.

Length: Permanent

Chat logs available on BM

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How many times will I have to tell you that the ammunition is not me who put them and as soon as I knew he had them I removed them! Inquire before ban would be ideal! 

I fly only once at the top of a base and my team does it all too and they are not ban! I do not see logic!è




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You were banned for ignoring our SAM site rule. Yesterday you were warned for flying into a base, and a second time for harassing a player. You were then told to familiarize yourself with the rules of the server before continuing. You chose to ignore these warnings. The TCs attached to the SAM sites were owned by you. Your teammates had to ask me for access to them in order to ensure they were unloaded.

Additionally I personally observed a heli fly over your base unharmed, then observed you access a SAM site and a few minutes later a heli was shot down by that same site. The two teammates you had online at the time were occupied elsewhere.

Your refusal to read the rules after being told to do so does not give you a free pass to violate them.

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The TC governing building priv for the SAM site that shot belonged to you. You are the owner of that SAM site. It was your responsibility to ensure that your SAM sites were inactive or unloaded until purge. This is ignoring the fact that I watched you myself. And this is after numerous warnings about multiple other rules. There are no exceptions to our rules. The warnings you received were the admins (myself included) trying to give you a chance to adhere to those rules. I hope you take this as a lesson for any future servers you join. Read the rules before joining. Follow the rules so this doesn't happen elsewhere.

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