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Doctor Meow

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I'm relatively new here and I've come to love this server a lot.
I'm pretty dumb so my suggestion might be easier said than done.

The idea is a Horde Event ( maybe purchasable through store or random occurrence like Garrison )
where an ungodly amount of zombies spawn THROUGHOUT one quadrant OR they can spawn surrounding a "ruined" generated base.

I'm unsure how feasible this is considering how much strain it'd cause the server, but it'd be a fun group event for everyone!
Unsure if any prize is needed however some loot hiding in the center of the horde could incentivize people to join. 

Thanks for listening!

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I'm not sure the details or technicals behind it, but I remember when I joined RustEZ years ago, we had a thing where there was seemingly a thick fog surrounding swampy areas of the map, including bandit camp, and zombies respawn rates at these swamps was much greater than other areas. It was always creating hordes in these areas. I think it got removed because the number of bodies was causing a ton of lag? This was especially apparent around Bandit Camp, where the bandits were 24/7 firing at zombies.

I like your idea, but given how we've had a *similar thing in the past, I think we'd need to really stress-test having more zombies. We are constantly fluctuating the amount of zombies spawned per grid.

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